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What is a Habitat?
Answer this question at the beginning and the end of the Camp, it should be interesting to see how your answer changes.

What is Camp Internet?
Camp Internet is an online summer camp which teaches not only how to use the Internet, but how to use the Internet to learn about and to help our Habitat, which is everything from our home, to the country we live in, to the planet we humans inhabit. The Internet is a way to link us together, whether we live in Australia, the US, or Brazil, we can now teach, learn from, and help each other. Camp Internet is here to teach the generation that will shape the 21st Century how to use the Internet to help protect the amazing habitats of the Planet Earth.......And how to have a whole lot of fun while we're doing it!

What will participants in Camp Internet 96 do?
We'll learn about the first people who lived in this area, the Chumash, in the Nipumu [village] Project---- About the whales, dolphins and other marine life that live right off our coast, in the Dolphin Project---- About farming sustainably to insure that farm lands will stay fertile and alive for future generations, in the Seed Project----- And about how using video cameras hooked up to the Internet can allow people from all over the world to view and learn about the Earth's most endangered species and habitats without damaging them, in the Habitat Project.
And at the end of the camp we will create a web page about our experiences in Camp Internet.

The Camp Internet ListServ
If you have already joined Camp Internet you can subscribe to the ListServ, which will let you ask questions to experts on all sorts of things, from marine biology to organic farming and more. You can also meet other Camp Internet students and maybe become key-pals.

Bio-Diversity is an essential element in making a sustainable habitat possible.

Now let the fun begin!

Camp Internet's Nipumu [village] Project
Camp Internet's Seed Project

Coming Soon, to a monitor near you:
Camp Internet's Habitat Project
Camp Internet's Dolphin Project

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Trail Guides
Camp Internet has Trail Guides Participating from many places,
the RAIN Network
The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History,
The Santa Barbara Zoo

Camp Internet Student's Web Pages

Aquila's "The California Breeze"
Ayami's Space Page
Future Wave, Tsunami's Page

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