How to play the Chumash Walnut Shell Dice Game

What you need:
1}Twelve clean, empty Walnut shell halves-
2}Tree seal tar (the chumash used natural tar)-
3}Abalone shell chips or bright beads (optional)-
4}Popsicle sticks-
5}Turpentine and a rag for cleanup-
6}Ten sticks (for keeping score)-
7}two players-

1}Use a popsicle stick to fill each shell half with tar-
2}Press a few chips of abalone shell or beads into the soft tar quickly*-
3}Allow dice to dry-
*Abalone chips/beads are for decoration only.

Playing the Game:
1}Decide who will go first, and who will be even and who will be odd.
2}The first player rolls the dice three times, counting how many land with the flat side up, then adds them all together. If the number is even and the player chose even or it's odd and the player chose odd she gets a counter stick.
3}The second player does the same as the first.
4}The players take altenate turns, keeping their odd or even choice for the whole game.
5}When all the counter sticks from the pile are gone, players win sticks from each other; the first one to get all the sticks wins.

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