The Flood, a Chumash Legend

Spotted Woodpeacker, Sun's Nephew, was the only one saved in the flood. We don't know why the flood came or how it started, but it kept raining and the water kept rising higher and higher until even the mountains were covered. All the people drowned except Woodpecker, who found refuge on top of the tallest tree in the world. The water kept rising until it reached his feet. He cried out to Sun, "Help me, Unlce! I am drowning! Save me!" Sun's two daughters heard him and told their father that his nephew, Woodpecker was calling for help. "He is stiff from cold and hunger," they said. Sun held his torch down low and the water began to go down again. Woodpecker was warmed by the heat. The sun tossed him two acorns. They fell in the water near the tree and Woodpecker picked them up and swallowed them. Then sun threw down two more acorns. Woodpecker ate them, too, and was content. That is why he likes acorns so much-they are still his favorite food.

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