Campwide Briefings

April 14-21

Uncover a Mystery from San Clemente Island!

Researchers were very puzzled when they discovered that the unique type of bead made only on San Clemente Island in prehistroic times was NOT found in near by Chumash villages, but WAS found on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada and up in Oregon. How and why did these beads travel and why ? Find out in the NEW ISLANDS DIG this week.

Celebrate John Muir's Remarkable Achievements!

Monday the 21 is John Muir's Birthday and a special day recognized around the world as a time to think about nature. To CELEBRATE, we have a fun JOHN MUIR DIG in the Backcountry DIG room. Great for an EARTH DAY activity on April 22nd too!

Enjoy Art and Nature - it's SPRING!

Two projects are open this week - one is the SPRING NATURE WRITING and ART event in the Campwide FIELD REPORT room. The other is the gallery of beautiful paintings in the Southwest DIG room that explore important artists