Campwide Briefings

April 28th - May 5th


TRY THIS - New Internet DIG Trial Approach

In response to teacher requests, we invite you to join us in May for a new INTERNET DIG delivery technique. We are taking SPECIAL REQUESTS for Internet Digs. Look at the ACTIVITIES link in Islands, Backcountry, or Southwest, view the archived DIG themes, and pick one or more you would like to deliver to your students in the LIVE and interactive / self publishing format. There is also an introductory GIS, American History and Global Garden Dig you can select from as well. Pick at least one DIG from any theme that you choose. You can also use this as a chance to connect with another distant classroom for a shared event.

Once you have selected the DIG theme/s that you want your students to try, then email us at with a day you would like to meet online for this fun learning project. We will turn the DIGs on based on teacher needs so you can catch up on any you missed, and confirm by email an available date that matches your schedule.

TEACHER TRIP to SANTA ROSA ISLAND - a few spaces left

We have a few spaces left for teachers to join us for a fun professional development day out on Santa Rosa Island for GPS / digital photography / field report activities.
Teachers from four states will be coming and boarding the boat on May 12th in Santa Barbara, 8pm, and then spending May 13th out on Santa Rosa exploring its amazing wonders. Boat returns to dock late afternoon of the 13th. Cost per teacher is $100 and guests can come along for $75.


We invite all classrooms to post one ore more field reports about a field trip, nature study, or science / writing / art project they have done this school year. Please assign your students to become CAMP INTERNET JOURNALISTS reporting live from the 'field' (that being your school site). You can post you class activity reports in teh CAMPWIDE FIELD REPORT ROOM anytime, Mon - Fri, 8am-5pm PST.

Coming up in May --- WHO PROTECTS THE EARTH ?

MAY is the month Camp Internet invites students to join us for live INTERNET CHATS with guest Trial Guides whose job is to Protect the Earth and our Natural and Cultural Resources. We will have National Park Ranger, Environmental Protection Agency, and other guests joining us online during May so watch for date/time announcements and have students prepare questions for our guest experts in advance. This is a great chance to meet REAL WORLD experts online to learn about career options and paths to higher education. It's INSPIRING to hear about their wonderful work!

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