Campwide Briefings

February 10-14, 2003


The FIELD REPORT ROOMS for each track have been opened so you can post student works completed so far this school year on any subject. We will then connect your spot on the Camp GIS map to these reports, so please post works representative of your classroom activities. You can scan and post art, type in an essay, post a poem, send a photo of a science experiment or field trip with a description – help the students realize they are responsible members of a learning community with-out walls. They do enjoy seeing one another’s work, so let’s make this a focus on COMMUNICATION and SHARING. They can post their own work – or teachers can post their student’s work. We will edit out any incomplete postings before it goes live on the GIS public map, so its OK for students to try a few times to get it right (teachers too!). Posting rooms will be open all month 8am-3pm PST. If you need after hours posting time, just let us know what date and field report room. We will be showcasing your work to the new Superintendent of Public Education so help us make a good presentation!

Field Report Rooms are located at

FAMILY HISTORY PROJECTSall classes are welcome to join in the Family History project as a writing, research, history, and communication assignment this month.


To learn more, email and we will explain how to post student biographies of family members online, and you can also post or send in scan images from old photographs. If you would like to host a FAMILY NIGHT this month, we can arrange for a session on February 27th and provide you with invitations to go home to the families. Student who develops the most family biographies WINS a family tree poster that they can take home and fill in with their families!

To print the Family Night invitation, go to