Campwide Briefings

February 24-28

Summer Teachers Workshop for Alumni - an ALL NEW Field Study Program!

Our Camp Outpost Leaders & Teachers interested in an advanced training workshop for alumni are invited to enroll in the online program for next year ($280 each if 2 or more teachers in same district or $295 individ..) -PLUS -can join us for a brand new feature - an ALUMNI WORKSHOP that includes an overnight on board our field study boat and then a full GPS/Field day out at Santa Rosa Island.

Space is limited and available on a first come first serve basis.

Date for ALUMNI WORKSHOP is July 13-16th. Workshop cost for districts with 2 teachers or more is $360 each ($375 individ.) and includes 3 days of professional development activities AND the night on the boat and day trip out to Santa Rosa. (Additional lodging and food paid by participant. If the first workshop fills up and response warrants, we will add a second workshop at end of July but are filling up the July 13-16 session first.)

Santa Rosa was home to those AMAZING shaggy Mammoths that swam across the Channel 100,000 years ago and eventually became the rare dwarf Pygmy Mammoths. It is also the site of the oldest known human remains from prehistoric North America - 13,000 years ago - making human and mammoth co-existence a great likelihood, and has beautiful natural features and rare plants and animals to see today.

Join us for this amazing learning opportunity that will enrich your understanding of life in North America since prehistoric times!

If you have fellow teachers who would like to start up with Camp Internet, we are also offering our land-based training for beginners in August.

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