Campwide Briefings

February 3-7, 2003

THIS WEEK’S FEATURED INTERNET DIG – California’s Famous Writers

All tracks are welcome to come try out this research project that provides self-publishing of student answers in REAL TIME. NOTE: DIGs are best viewed if accessed from inside their host track trailhead (less log-in boxes) and this one will be available from Islands and Backcountry this week. Come by and try it out – get to know some famous artists – and read excerpts from their books online in our literature libraries – some never before on the Intenet!

WINNER of last Weeks ‘Do a DIG Contest’ is Madison School in Indio ! Congratulations to Janet Gallatin and her class for digging deep for great learning discoveries about Zorro and when he walked the plank on a pirate ship. Great story and available to all Campers anytime in the Islands section.

FAMILY HISTORY PROJECTS – all classes are welcome to join in the Family History project as a writing, research, history, and communication assignment this month. To join in, email and we will explain how to post student biographies of family members online, and you can also post or send in scan images from old photographs. If you would like to host a FAMILY NIGHT this month, we can arrange for a session on February 27th and provide you with invitations to go home to the families. Student who develops the most family biographies WINS a family tree poster that they can take home and fill in with their families!