Campwide Briefings

January 13-20


This month we begin a NEW project at Camp Internet – the Family History Project. If your students are required to complete reading, composition, history, research and communication activities, this will be a GREAT project for your classroom. Let us know if you can participate by emailing


1.       Each classroom that enrolls in the project will use technology to help students research and record their family history, beginning with one biography of a relative whose life experience is of special interest to the student. Once their first biography is written, and any possible photographs scanned or taken with a digital camera, the student can post their Family History biography online.

2.       From the first biography, teachers can then launch a wider Family History Project that encourages students to interview relatives, write multiple biographies, and even trace back their family tree. Were their ancient ancestors Vikings ? Mayans ? Africans ? Or ? This then brings history to life in a meaningful and personal way for the students and adds an excellent multi-disciplinary dimension to the project.

3.       Advanced projects might go out into the local community and videotape or voice record conversations with elders. Others might go out into the community with a GPS unit and digital camera and map historic sites. Camp Internet will support the development and publishing of these and any other Family History Projects our teachers design.

4.       The FAMILY component is important. Our goal is to encourage parents to come into the classroom to see this project in progress. We will host a Family Night on January 30th to introduce the project to them – and to showcase any work your students may have completed by that time. We want to help parents find ways to become more involved in their child’s learning process, and working on a Family History Project is an excellent way to improve family communication, support, and set positive academic goals.

5.       In February, student projects will be gathered and published online. All media welcome – paintings of an ancestor ? Scanned photography from the late 1800s / early 1900s ?

      Pictures or postcards of the towns where ancestors lived ? Create a map of where

      different student’s ancestors are from ? Be creative!

6.       February 27th we plan to then host the FAMILY HISTORY SHOWCASE online to share your student’s accomplishments with their parents, family members, and the wider Camp Internet community.

7.       This year we are piloting this new project and plan to make it an annual project. We need your help to get it started in your classroom, and to explore the different ways students can share their pride in their own family’s history. Music, paintings, photography, video, mapping, writing – whatever strengths you want to help your students develop, let’s use this project as a springboard to developing those skills.

Other Projects This Month

The WEATHER CENTER is open and can be linked to from your Trailhead by track, or by going to

Student showcase for FALL PROJECTS are open in your individual tracks. We need these postings inorder to showcase student work when someone clicks on your icon on the Camp GIS map. Please post one or more examples of student accomplishments.