Campwide Briefings

January 6-13

Happy New Year and WELCOME BACK to Camp Internet !



Dear Campers - We have many new exciting explorations ahead and welcome you to stay actively involved in Camp Internet each month this year.

We would like to start off the New Year with a few helpful suggestions. Some of you are just getting started with Camp Internet at the New Year and others have been enrolled since the Fall. For everyone, experience has shown us that the classrooms who get the most OUT of Camp Internet also put them most INTO it. As a basic foundation for getting the most from your Camp Internet resources, try to set aside at least an hour a week of class time to have a team – or the whole class – work on an online project. Here are easy to implement suggestions:

1.       The Internet DIGS are very helpful as a turn-key assignment – they provide self-contained guided research opportunities. You can assign a different question in the DIG to a different student, all questions to all students – what ever helps your students learn to use technology as a content resource and research tool. You can also print out the previous week’s DIG work each Monday and use it as a graded assignment. DIGS feature standards-based content, promote improved reading skills, and require development of good communication skills – all goals your class can benefit from.

2.       Provide each student with a Camp Internet Passport – you can print them out from the teachers web, or use the provided black line master. You can assign teams different sections, or ask each student to complete the entire Passport. These encourage online research and can expand to include library research work skill development.

3.       Join in the monthly SPECIAL EVENTS that are open to all classrooms. For January, our group event is to post examples of STUDENT PROJECTS that were accomplished in the Fall. Reports, essays, poems, paintings, photos of science projects – whatever represents your student’s explorations and discoveries the best. We will then tie these into our GIS map as a Student Showcase. To participate, go to the easy-to-use Student Showcase publishing tool in your FIELD REPORT by track. Another group activity is to start submitting WEATHER REPORTS using the online form that can be found at ,

      and we also will be preparing students to join in for a brand new FAMILY HISTORY


4.       Invite your families to the FAMILY HISTORY NIGHTS and we ask you to confirm if you will be participating in JANUARY and FEBRUARY. We encourage students to be the catalyst in starting a family history project where they will gather information to write one or more short biographies about someone in their family and can also develop a family tree. January 30th will be the night we introduce the data gathering goals to the families – and suggest they gather photos to digitize – and then all of February they can develop their family history project to come back and share with everyone on the next Family Night, February 27th. Leverage technology to promote Family Pride !

5.       Launch a GPS/GIS activity or digital photo activity at your school each month. On your Camp Calendars the Friday listings feature the GPS/GIS themes for the month, and can also be expanded as digital photography projects, depending on the supply kit you ordered. We also have an online latitude/longitude finder so a hand-held GPS is not even required to participate. You can tie a local history project into a GPS/GIS project, taking digital photos of historic landmarks and mapping them. You can tie in a campus science project in by counting the birds or other creatures living on your school grounds. Then post your findings in the GIS FIELD REPORT room.

Going International

Camp Internet is growing to become an International program and we had participants from Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Greece, and Thailand visiting during the Fall. This Spring we will be seeing more Native American students coming online from Hopi, Navajo and Pueblo tribes. We thank you all for participating and want to help you make the MOST from your Camp Internet subscription.

Best Wishes for a rewarding New Year – here’s to a GREAT 2003!

Timothy, Marcy, Sherie, Carl, and Steve

Plus your behind-the-scenes technical team of Gilberto, Doug, and Eric