Campwide Briefings

June 27, 2003

Thank-you For Participating in Camp Internet 2002-3003

Dear Campers – this has been a very challenging year for U.S. schools – with so many changes in requirements and funding, we have all been working hard to continue delivering quality educational programs to our students. We commend you for the successes you were able to accomplish with Camp Internet this year – we are all working at changing the way education is delivered in our schools. With commendations from the US Dept of Education, USDA Distance Learning, and Smithsonian Innovation Network, Camp Internet is proving that teachers can do wonderful things with technology in their classrooms!

The format of Camp Internet’s subscriptions for 2003-2004 has changed to best meet the needs of our school partners. In addition to the new TOOL KIT that provides the online program and hands-on tools in one kit for $299, we are also developing 1-3 day school year regional professional development activities rather than only summer sessions as in the past. We will stay in touch with you to update you on these developments, and invite you to join us again with the TOOL KIT package. You will be able to enroll at any time during the year, and we suggest asking for funding through the new ‘Enhancing Education Through Technology’ program monies that your district may be receiving on a formula fund basis (and 25% of those funds must be spent on professional development).

If you have any other Field Reports you would like to post online, you can email us anytime over the summer to arrange to have the room opened up to post reports on student accomplishments and / or digital pictures of their activities. We welcome you to contribute news of their activities as it will become an important part of our Camp Internet GIS map this summer. We can be reached at  and welcome any questions or requests you may have.

Again – many thanks for your participation in Camp Internet and we hope to work with you and your students in the future! Have a wonderful summer one and all …. Let’s all be sure to get out and ‘touch nature’ to rediscover the wonders of this incredible planet! 

From the Camp Internet Team - Timothy, Marcy, Steve, Carl, and Gilberto at Camp Internet