Campwide Briefings

[Last week we mailed this letter to all of your home addresses – if you did not receive and would like a copy sent (that includes the 2003-2004 flier), please let us know.]

Dear Camp Internet Teachers

In the 2002-2003 Program,

Greetings from the Camp Internet Team – before the school year rushes to a close, here are some activities we invite you to participate in:

We ask all of our teachers enrolled in the 2002-003 program to post one or more year-end field reports in your subject track FIELD REPORT room before end of sessions, June 27th. See the attached briefing for details. This is a great chance to show measurable results from your Camp Internet enrollment – and – your students will love seeing their work online and shared with our community of learners.

Also enclosed is the invitation to join Camp Internet again for 2003-2004 under the new TOOL KIT package that will  bring more technology tools and great year round programming to your students. You can also see the flyer online in color at

We thank you for your participation in Camp Internet during the 02-03 school year and appreciate your online activities, students project postings, and your dedication to ‘Turning Technology into Learning’.

If you would like a Certificate of Participation, please let us know by emailing  and estimate the number of hours you spent this school year implementing Camp Internet or attending training. We will include that number of hours on the certificate which may be used to support step increases with your district.

We look forwards to seeing your student work posted online in the Field Reports rooms and will be tying it into the Camp Internet GIS map as a student showcase for presentation to State Superintendent Jack O’Connell. Help us make a great presentation !

Thank you,

Timothy Tyndall, Marcy Montgomery and Crew

Camp Internet Headquarters            800.889.2823   

1129 State Street Suite A7, Santa Barbara CA 93101