Campwide Briefings

March 10 - March 16, 2003

Spring Equinox is March 21. This is a great time to visit the Camp
Internet Global Garden Project Web.


There is a special Equinox Studies link on the Global Garden Homepage.

Take some time to explore that area with your class.

Are you preparing a School Garden this year? If so be sure to let us know
so your garden can be included in the third year of Camp Internet School
Garden GIS maps.

Goto: to view the Garden GIS map.

The American History classroom has a new unit on Noah Webster. Goto:
and begin study with us as we learn about "American English".

The GIS and Mapping classroom is full of new data and new maps. Goto: to explore the classroom then goto: to take your
first GIS quiz.

If you have not visited the Camp Internet HomeSchool Center yet, take a
moment to do so.

Goto: http:/

You will notice right away that the Homeschool web is a weaving together
of many Camp Internet Expeditions and Class projects. It is a great place
for Public School teachers as well as Homeschool teachers.

Send comments and questions to