Campwide Briefings

March 17 - March 23, 2003

March is Women's History Month. We continue our study of women in history
this week by exploring several very important women in early American

This is a great opportunity to visit the Camp Internet American History
classroom, open to all Camp Internet students and teachers.

(or click here)
to begin study of Anne Hutchenson.

We will learn how, in 1612, King James I, Cotton Mather and Anne
Hutchenson came together in a way that would began the exercise of women's
rights in the church that would
lay the foundation for the American Feminist movement.

Reading Class

Another very important woman in early America was Anne Bradstreet (c.
1612-1672). As part of our Literature studies this week we will explore
the first published poems in the New World.

Anne Bradstreet's book of poetry was the first book of poems by an
American and also the first American book to be published by a woman in

to begin study of Anne Bradstreet

Science Class

March 21 is Spring Equinox. An important date in every culture throughout

Goto: to begin study in the
special Global Garden Science classroom.

Are you beginning to make plans for this years Science Fair?

Goto: and select the Science Fair

Let us know about your projects this year. We will help create a web page
to feature classroom projects and will list this years Camp Internet
Science Fair projects on the Camp GIS map.

If plans are underway for a school Garden this year your class can take
part in the Camp Internet Garden GIS map project.

There are 2 years of school garden data now in the Camp GIS map. Goto: and scroll down to the Garden GIS

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