Campwide Briefings

March 24 - March 30, 2003

We continue our study for Women's History Month with a review of the women
who were Quakers. Many important social workers and writers in the 1800's
were Quakers and they were women.

to begin our exploration of the Quakers in American History.

Homework Center

Camp Internet has a new Homework Center with a growing list of writing,
reading and science assignments and activities.

Goto: to
explore this new area. Come back often as the Homework Center will be
expanding resources throughout the Spring.

Reading Class

Our Reading class explores Ralph Waldo Emerson this week.

Ralph Waldo Emerson was born on May 25, 1803 in Boston, Massachusetts. He
is widely regarded as one of America's most influential authors,
philosophers and thinkers. At one time a Unitarian minister, Emerson left
his pastorate because of doctrinal disputes with his superiors. Soon
after, on a trip to Europe, he met a number of intellectuals, including
Thomas Carlyle and William Wordsworth.

The ideas of these men, along with those of Plato and some of the Hindu,
Buddhist, and Persian thinkers, strongly influenced his development of the
philosophy of "Transcendentalism". In 1836 Emerson expressed
Transcendentalism's main principle of the "mystical unity of nature" in
his essay, "Nature".
(from Robin Chew - May 1996)

to begin study this week.

Science Class

Goto: to begin our study of
Moon Gardening.

Now that Spring is here and we are beginning our gardens we should review
some of the best methods for growing plants. Using the cycles of the Moon
as a guide provides tremendous help in planning when to plant, when to
prune and when to harvest.

When you goto the the Moon Gardening web page take a look at the new Moon
Phase java script. You
may cut and past that script for your own class web and have a constant
track on the date, time and phase of the moon.

Are you beginning to make plans for this years Science Fair?

Goto: and select the Science Fair

Let us know about your projects this year. We will help create a web page
to feature classroom projects and will list this years Camp Internet
Science Fair projects on the Camp GIS map.

If plans are underway for a school Garden this year your class can take
part in the Camp Internet Garden GIS map project.

There are 2 years of school garden data now in the Camp GIS map. Goto: and scroll down to the Garden GIS

Any questions or ideas to share this week email to: