Campwide Briefings

March 3rd-31st

March is Women’s History Month – Let’s get the MOMS ONLINE!

This month each year, Camp Internet invites classrooms to come learn about a group of bold, courageous, and innovative American women whose painting, writing and photography has shaped the world’s understanding of the American West.

This year we are hosting a month-long Internet DIG for students to do any day of the school week, in the CAMP WIDE DIG room (best if entered from your track portal).We are also hosting the popular MOMS NIGHT ONLINE on March 27th, and have a flyer that teachers can print out and send home to invite parents to join us online at home, at the library, or on campus if you would like to host a Spring FAMILY NIGHT. Student’s are invited to help their Moms get online – many for the first time – to learn about the Amazing Women of the West. You can print out the invitation at

Join us online with students and families to get to know :

  • Georgia O’Keeffe – this amazing painter’s landscapes, close ups of flowers, and still lifes, shook-up the art world with her unique imagery, color, and distinctive eye for beauty and mystery. Come learn about the life and influence of this painter determined to be recognized as an American Master, not a ‘woman’ artist.
  • Helen Hunt Jackson – most well known for the popular novel of California rancho and Indian romance, ‘Ramona’, this author was a tireless advocate for improvingthe plight of Native Americans and championed their cause in Congress, on the road, and in print. Learn about her efforts to prove the pen mightier than the sword.
  • Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island – did you know ‘Island of the Blue Dolphins’ is based on a TRUE story about a real woman who survived 18 years alone on a remote Channel Island off the coast of California ? Come learn about her amazing story.
  • Willa Cather – one of the most influential writers in American and winner of a Pulitzer Prize, Willa Cather spent several summers in Arizona exploring ancient ruins and discovering the amazing natural landscape. These experiences ended up as chapter in two of her novels – ‘The Professor’s House’ and ‘Song of the Lark’. Come read how her personal experiences gave her the imagery for great storytelling.
  • Laura Gilpin – the art of photography has given us insight into landscapes and peoples we would other wise not have a chance to see or understand. Laura Gilpin’s black and white photographs of the Southwest – landscapes, ruins, and native peoples – capture the timeless beauty of these native worlds.

Let’s get students and their Moms – and families - reading together online with Camp Internet!