Campwide Briefings

Campwide Briefing

Amazing Women Dig - Come Celebrate Women's History Month Online!

We offer our campers two ways to use this valuable research and self publishing tool with your classroom. The DIG is open in your regular Campwide Dig room all week through the end of the month - use it anytime as often as you like.

We are ALSO featuring the AMAZING WOMEN EVENT in the FAMILY DIG that will be open to guests on Thursday the 27th all day and into the evening. Teachers from Hawaii to Harlem and in International Schools Abroad are being invited to use the Family Room that day - and to bring some Mom's Online! We invite our subscribing Campers to also post their findings in the FAMILY ROOM anytime on Thursday the 27th.

Coming Up - join us for a teacher and families WILDFLOWER HIKE at the UC Sedgwick Reserve in Santa Ynez Valley on April 6th. RSVP please with number in your party.