Campwide Briefings


May 27-30, 2003

News for 2003-2004 Program

Brand New Classroom TOOL KITS will now be available to teachers wanting to use Camp Internet in their classroom for the next school year. As of June 1, all enrollments at $299 for the coming school year include a great package of both online and hands-on learning resources. You can choose a GPS, or a digital camera, or a scanner, and get the backpack, mascot and a mousepad, PLUS the online content to use anytime all year long. Teachers can also then opt to purchase the passports and stickers, videos, books and artifacts as add-ons. All can qualify for the Enhancing Education through Technology (EETT) funding from your district.

See our TOOL KIT flyer at

If your school has EETT funding for professional development, please also see the invitation for summer trainings at



††† Itís that time of year to pull together your studentís best work in any format to create a classroom FIELD REPORT where you will feature class activities, research on school grounds or in your community, or field trip reports Ė and post it online to create a gallery of your studentís work. Every teacher in Camp Internet is asked to participate in this fun activity to wrap up your yearís subscription to Camp Internet. You can scan and post art projects, GPS digital readings and reports, upload digital pictures of studentís and their work, or their science fair projects Ė anything you are proud they accomplished, we invite you to post it online.

††† As a reminder on how to do this, type up descriptions in a word document in separate paragraphs for each student or each group project. Then, if you have scanned or digital images, go to the TEACHERíS WEB TOOL KIT and use the UPLOAD feature that is link number one in the Tool Kit. Once it is uploaded to the group directory, you can view it in the directory using the second link in Tool Kit. When you have found your image in that directory, open it and copy/paste its full url.jpg into the body of your word document where you want it to display online. Itís easy! Then copy/paste each entry from your word document into the FIELD REPORT room for your subject track (Islands, Southwest etc.). Or, you can use the short GPS field report form, to post text-only data, located at† and then copy/paste that information into the FIELD REPORT room as another posting option.† And we are still accepting Nature Writings in the Campwide Field Report room.

We will have the FIELD REPORT rooms by subject track open for you M-F, 8-5 pm through June 27th. You can then showcase your studentís work to your class, their parents, your colleagues or your Principal to show them how your class

ĎTurned Technology into Learningí with Camp Internet !

††† And for fun Ė go into the TEACHER TRAINING FIELD REPORT and see the new Camp teacherís work from their wonderful trip out to Santa Rosa Island on May 13th. We had enthusiastic teachers from Native American schools in Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota, and California participating and they had a fantastic trip !

If you need any help posting your FIELD REPORTS, you can contact us at 1.800.889.2823 or email

Letís ĎTurn Technology into Learningí Together !