Campwide Briefings

Dear Camp Internet Teachers,

Would you like to have a day to explore Santa Rosa Island ?

We have a few spaces remaining on the boat to Santa Rosa and can offer current and alumni teachers a $100 rate for the trip and it includes over night the night before on board. You can also bring along spouse, friends, and family members for $75 each.

Teachers will begin boarding at the Santa Barbara harbor at 8pm on Monday, May 12th and wake up out at Santa Rosa Island early on Tuesday the 13th. Naturalist and GPS experts will be along to help the teachers develop great field reports. And the boat returns to dock the evening of the 13th.

This incredible Professional Development opportunity will take you out to the island that is home to a rare Torrey Pine forest, amazing rock formations, Chumash middens, a special riparian habitat - and - is home to the ancient pygmy mammoths AND the oldest human remains yet found in North America! A remarkable science and archaeology opportunity awaits you! Come walk in the ancient footsteps of those who came before us ...

To enroll in this special event, send an email here to to confirm your reservation noting how many people, and then send your $100 check (and add on $75 each for any family members or friends) to Camp Internet, 1129 State Street A7, Santa Barbra CA 93101. We will confirm with aording and supply details. Then join us at 8pm on the 12th of May to climb on board an ocean going adventure that will enrich your resources as a teacher - and offer you a very memorable personal learning experience.

Questions ? Call 1.800.889.2823