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What is the North American Vision and why does it need rediscovering?

What this vision is will be explored during our American History studies.

The main idea is that any culture has certain essential myths, symbols, goals and attitudes that characterize its approach to life and that manage to persist through many generations and much superficial change.

Even deeper than this, when different cultures occupy the same land area, sometimes they also share basic visions, and one gets the sense almost of the spirit of the land speaking through these diverse cultures.

When a culture is consciously in touch with and in tune with its deeper visions, it is like a person who has discovered his/her own particular calling - it releases a great deal of creative and integrative energy.

We will see this creative energy shapping the American Vision from the days of "First Peope" to the writings of Walt Whitman.

The "North American" vision becomes the "American Vision" as we see Native Americans, Quakers, Transendentislists and the Founders of our Constitution all blend into what Mark Twain would call ......