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MOUND BUILDERS - Woodhenge - Cahokia

The culture and people who evolved in the area which came to be know as the Mississippi Culture area represents a high point in North American culture and religion development.

Remarkably similar to Stonehenge in Britan, the round wooden structures built by the people of Chaoka remain a mystery. Why were they built? What use did the people make of them and was there shared learning between Britan and North America?

The posts encircle the site in a precise arrangement which forms a circle.

At solstice the sun lines up along a line that starts from the center post, passes over one of the outer posts, and ends at a post on a mound. T

Another important fact is the size of the circle. This circle began small and was added to periodically until it reached the size it is today.

In this imiage a smaller version of a "Woodhenge" can be seen in use.

The circle was used as a welcoming place for visiting chiefs, each having a post that represented his clan.

The size of the circle and posts were dependant on the number of clans and the status of the town in the empire.

If the circle of posts is viewed carefully faces can be seen carved at the top of each.