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Supply List for Classroom Subscribers

Laminated Map of California for wall display
Printed Passport for Every Student with color labels for passport stamps
Camp Membership Card for Every Student
Compass for Every Student
Paperboard Treasure Chest for special assignment on the gold rush incl. gold foil coins
Wooden Mammoth and Sea Life puzzles for paleontolgoy and marine habitat studies
Wooden Oval Beads for Native American trade challenge
Nature Print Sun Paper for botany studies
Drum of Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk for outdoor playground rock art murals
Crayons for Art Work
15' vinyl Flag of all Nations for gold rush / immigration history
Plastic Jumping Frogs w/ Mark twain book for a jumping frog contest
Stone Arrowhead Key Chains for every student as incentive reward
Break-your-own Geodes for geology section
14" inflatible globe for geography
Tupi - book for classroom storytelling
Ishi - book for classroom reading
Yosemite Indians Book for social studies section

California Indians Coloring Book
John Muir video - for introduction to the Backcountry
Smithsonian Weather Kit for meteorology section
Water Kit for water testing project
Indian House / Basket / Canoe kit with recylced paper
Ammonite Fossil for paleontology section
GIS Software for geography and technology literacy sections ships
Classroom Wall Calendar
Teacher's Expedition Log
Teacher's Workbook
Partner Agency Materials