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Written Assignment

First step in this assignment is to either read the story lines provided on the Camp web site, check a Zorro book out of the library and read that, or watch one of the many Zorro films on cable television or as a rental video. Check with your parents to see which version of Zorro they want you to study. There are many, and not all are approved for all ages.

Once you have selected your Zorro source materials, watch and/or read what you have selected. As you read or watch, ask yourself these questions :

What do you think are the heroic characteristics of Zorro ?

What of his actions do you find heroic ?

Why does he do the things he does ?

Who benefits from his action ?

Whose life does his actions change for the better ?

Whose life changes for the worse from his actions ?

If Zorro had not performed his heroic tasks, what would life have been like for the people in the towns he lives or visits ?

What are your favorite parts of Zorro's disguise or actions ?

Now, with the answers to the above questions in mind, please write us a short essay that includes your answers to the above questions, and that specifically responds to the following three questions :

1. What is it that makes Zorro a hero ?

2. What circumstance does Don Diego find himself in that makes his actions necessary ?

3. What inspires you about Zorro ?