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Railroads and the Turn of the Century

The first wave of the Gold Rush brought people from all over the world to California in hopes of realizing their dreams. Gold was not their only dream, nor their only avenue to wealth or fame.

The second wave of the rush to California saw the residents of land caught up in a frenzy of development- railroads were built, ports expanded, towns turned into cities, the state government took form, and the society of California life strived to emulate the best aspects of the freedom, innovation, equality, and rugged beauty that California promised to offer.

In the period of 1860-1910, the society of California was formed, and her residents today still live in a land that was shaped by the dreams of these 19th century visionaries who came to do in California what could not be done elsewhere.

In the face of this rapid development, some people took time to consider what the implications were, and sought to preserve the best qualities of the California Dream. These were artists, scientists, and environmentalists who loved California's natural resources and sought to preserve and protect them.

The Camp will be exploring the following topics:

The Iron Rush: building the Pacific Railroad 1860-1869

Work of the Age

Ruthless as a Crocodile

Laying Siege to Nature

Golden Age of Railroads

California Artists at the Turn of the Century Gallery