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The Adventurers Club

Though not with a formal name, another group of these late 1800s California artists found that their most happy moments were to be found deep in the California backcountry, particularly in Yosemite. With John Muir often as their guide, they would tour the wonders of the great Yosemite region, and their painting, writings, and photographs would change forever how the United States viewed its own natural resources. By 1892, this spirit for adventure - and the urge to protect the lands that inspired their best adventurers - a group in San Francisco formed the now famous Sierra Club. The Sierra Club envisioned an new Californian in creative dialog with his environment."

In the period of 1860-1910, the best of California's resident and visiting artists accomplished world-renowned works that brought the astounding beauty of California to American and European attention. And it was their work that helped preserve huge tracts of land as National Parks. But to reach these often-remote magnificent scenes of inspiration, the artists had indeed to have had with-in them the adventurer's spirit.

ˇCarlton E Watkins - photographer

ˇ Albert Bierstadt - painter

ˇ Eadweard J. Muybridge - photographer

ˇ Ralph Waldo Emerson - writer and transcendental philosopher

ˇ William Keith - painter

ˇ Thomas Hill - painter

ˇ Xavier Timoteo Orozco Martinez - painter

ˇ Jack London - writer

ˇ Joaquin Miller - writer

ˇ Maynard Dixon - painter