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Paleontology Internet Dig

When you join us for the Paleontology Internet Dig, you will be working your way through web sites to uncover the answers to some curious questions.

Like - how many fingers did the oldest dinosaur discovered in California have on its front hands ? Heck, did it even HAVE front hands ? Were they actually front feet ?

What is the difference in size between the mammoths found out on the Channel Islands and how did they morph from the most giant mammal in California to a tinier dwarfed version of themselves ?

What is the name of the dolphin-like dinosaur ?

Did one of the California dinosaurs REALLY look like the Loch Ness monster ?

Is it true that a real vampire bat once lived on the Channel Islands ?

And what about those fierce huge sea going lizards - what did they eat ?

This Internet Dig is specially scheduled and announced privately to Camp Subscribers. Check with your Camp Counselor for dates and times. We provide live guides to help you find the answers, so have fun seeing just who can dig-up the right answers !