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The motion picture industry was born in the California Channel region.

Now an international multi-billion dollar industry, it had humble beginnings on the west coast. The earliest silent films were produced in Santa Barbara a t the Flying A Studios, and soon it was time to find large studio space and the industry et up shop in the Los Angeles area, and history knows this was the birth of Hollywood.

During the silent film era, there were dozens of films made that used the Channel Islands as a backdrop. And as talking picture technology developed, the Islands continued to be a source for dramatic settings. But in addition to the work that took place on and around the Islands, the film stars and film makers themselves began spending time on the Islands, bring the excitement of the film industry celebrities to the Channel Islands. Rather than go into an in-depth study of the Hollywood era, the Camp will focus on the films and personalities that used the Channel Islands for work and pleasure, and will share a few of the romantic and tragic stories of the early film industry that took place on the Islands.

Film Highlights and Santa Cruz Island

Film Highlights and Santa Catalina Island