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Film Highlights and Santa Cruz Island

This large island - far removed from the Hollywood scene, was the site for a series of silent movies 1912-1919, and ‘talkies’ after 1928. One little known reason why film makers thought of Santa Cruz Island as a film location was that during the early silent film era, Santa Barbara had a burgeoning film making community - many productions based out of the Flying A Studios building that still stands on Mission and State. Films shot on location on or around Santa Cruz Island include :

Heart of My Heart (1912)
Pearls of Paradise ( 1916 )
Battle of Hearts ( 1918 )
Adam and Eve ( 1918)
Male and Female ( 1919 )
The Rescue ( 1928 )

Mutiny on the Bounty ( 1935 - off San Miguel Island )

Film notes :

The Rescue was one of the world’s first talking motion pictures in 1928, and it was based on a popular Joseph Conrad novel.

It is believed that the palm trees planted at Cuyler’s Harbor on San Miguel Island were brought to the island by the Mutiny on the Bounty stage crew as a backdrop prop. They unfortunately met with bad weather off San Miguel and lost a crew member overboard who was trying to protect their camera equipment. The remainder of the filming was done off Catalina.