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How to use Camp Internet

Camp Internet is an online distance learning program. There are many levels of information in each Camp program.

"Explore the California Channel Islands", our 1998/99 year curriculum, provides learning activities for every day of the year - and special weekly live Internet chat sessions with Camp Trail Guides. You can choose how often to log on, explore, and get involved.

To tap into the many resources housed in Camp Internet, you have two main paths you can follow:

The first path is to follow the weekly special features program format - this is where you join us daily or weekly and have a chance to meet our noted Trail Guides online.

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You will find new topics to explore each week, with activities for one or more hours of participation.

The second option is to use the main listing of Classrooms to explore topics of special interest to you on your own schedule.

You can learn about a specific historic period, the natural history of the islands, or explore each island indivually through an interactive map.

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