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Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Island Plant Tour

As part of the teacher training at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, a tour of the island section of the garden was given by Herbarium Curator Steve Junak. Below is footage from this tour, where you can find out many interesting things about island plants.

Talk about the Botanic Garden's role in island plant research, and introduction of the island habitats and some key issues to the group

The characteristics and habitats of large plants and trees on the islands, and the role sea level and geology has played in their growth patterns

A rare Santa Cruz Island plant and how it's reproductive strategy helps it survive against grazing animals

Some of the differences between mainland plants and their island counterparts

The characteristic gray foliage common to island endemic plants

How some plants use animals to help disperse their seeds

The Island Oak, a native oak found only on the islands

Endemic cacti and succulents on the islands

Mainland and island Poison Oak