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Reporters Wanted : Lone Woman of San Nicolas Story

It has been 150 years ago this year since the first rescue party went out to search for the Lone Woman of San Nicolas to rescue her from her 18 year isolation on the most remote Channel Island. But all they saw as a ghostly apparition beckoning to them. It was in 1853 that she was finally found and rescued.

Here is a description of her discovery that was published by an anonymous writer in a Sacramento newspaper on October 13, 1853 - the same year she was found. After reading it, write us your own 100 word short newspaper feature ( non-fiction ) on the historical events surrounding her recovery in 1853, pretend you are a writer who has learned about this amazing event and is giving your town news of what has happened.

"The wild woman who was found on the island of San Nicolas about 70 miles from the coast, west of Santa Barbara, is now at the latter place and is looked upon as a curiosity. It is stated she has been some 18 to 20 years alone on the island. She existed on shell fish and the fat of the seal, and dressed in the skins and feathers of wild ducks, which she sewed together with sinews of the seal. She cannot speak any known language, is good-looking and about middle age. She seems to be contented in her new home among the good people of Santa Barbara. "

Each Camp student has a variety of resources at their disposal to learn about this legendary woman. Have them combine resources - film, book, online historical accounts - to write their own 100-or-more-word news article that would have been a description of her ordeal and rescue. Publication date would be October 12th, 1853 and they can 'scoop' the above Sacramento writer. To read the historical account, go to the bottom of this page and begin following the trail of her story ....