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Surfing Terms

Baggies : extremely large, boxer-style trunks worn by many surfers

Belly board : a small board used in body surfing; usually less than three feet in length

Blown out : non-surfable conditions caused by high winds

Curl : the face of a wave breaking as the crest curls forward

Gremlin : a pseudo-surfer; someone who pretends to be able to surf

Hairy : spooky; difficult to surf; extremely big or fast surf

Hang ten : ten toes protruding over the nose of the surfboard while riding a wave

Hot dog : to show off or do tricks on the surf board- like hanging ten

Log : a very heavy surfboard

Make the wave : to get across the wall or out of the hook before it breaks upon the rider

Malibu board : a lightweight surfboard made of balsa wood with a fibre glass cover

Peak : the highest point of a particular swell

Pick up a wave : catch a wave

Pipeline : the curl of the wave before it breaks

Shoot the curl : hot dogging

Stick : a surfboard

Stoked : excited

Tubes : very hollow waves a surfer can ride through parallel to the shore with the wave overhead

Wipe out : falling off the board