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Camp Internet goes to the 5th California Islands Symposium

Chumash Dancers - Day 3

The California Islands Symposium is the 5th Symposium bringing together scientists and scholars who study the eight islands off the coast of Southern California. There has been a 5 year period since the last Symposium making an exciting abundance of new research available for sharing.

Scientists present include archeologists, anthropologists, geographers, paleontologists, marine scientists and ecologists.

These fields of specialization are rich in detailed research. And to bring this research into a format that will be both fun and enriching for our 4th - 12th grade classrooms, Camp Internet has an interpretive team on site recording the proceedings and translating them into words, images, video and audio which will be broadcast to our classrooms.

The event is sponsored by the U.S. Minerals Management Service, Department of the Interior and is hosted by the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.


What all this means is that there are important scientists present from around the country who study Native Americans, Weather, Minerals, the shape of the Earth, animals, plants, the ocean and our planet's ecology. These scientists are so busy working on their own specific studies that they find this Symposium an opportunity to not only share their own work but it is also a very valuable opportunity to learn about the findings of other scientists work.

Janice Ross, your Camp Internet Teacher-Interpreter is onsite at the Symposium, preparing reports on key information.

If you have questions for Janice you can leave them in the Camp Chatroom. Daily reports will be uploaded to the chat for review. Full materials with photography, video and audio, will be in your Camp Internet special Symposium web. Follow the link from the Camp's Channel History homepage to the Symmposium web.

Scientists don't always agree on how to interpret what they find. Special meetings like the Symposium open new discussions and expand the range of resources available to individual scientists.

It is a tremendous sharing of ideas and visions as well as an exploration of work going on right now by individual researchers.

Often new and important findings from other scientists have direct effect on their research.

What the Camp Team is doing is listening, observing and then re-telling the technical scientific and research talk so you can learn from it and be an active part of the Symposium while it is actually happening.

After the Symposium is over you can come back to the Symposium Web and study areas of interest to you as well as listen to the audio recordings and watch the videos of talks and performances.

As you read about new ideas be sure to send questions to or click here to leave a message now.

You can also leave a note in the chatroom.

The chatroom will be active all week with live reports from the Symposium added daily.

Camp Internet Poster Session

Camp Internet was selected to present a Poster Session at the 5th Channel Islands Symposium

We feel it is an honor for Camp Internet to be selected to present our curent Expedition work in the company of so many internationally recognized Marine Scientists.

Our presentation includes tudent work and an overview of the Camp program on the California Islands.

Audio links from Monday's talks at the Symposium:

Dr. Mark Raab - Archaeologist & Anthropoligist - CSU Northridge

Dr. Roger H. Colten - Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University

Video Links

Dr. Johnson - Day 3

Dr. Johnson - video 2 - Day 3

Stay tuned in to Camp this week as our Teacher-Interpreter Janice Ross reports back to the Camp Internet chatroom daily from the Symposium.

The Symposium is presented by the U.S. Department of the Interior - Minerals Management Service.

Special events we will report on and have live video and audio online of in upcomming weeks are:
Interrupted Journeys in the Graveyard of the Pacific: Shipwrecks of the Santa Barbara Channel. Presented by Dr. James Lima.

On Wednesday we will be recording "Stories and Songs of Limuw: The Islands of My Ancestors" presented by Chumash Storyteller Ms. Julie Tumamait-Stenslie.
We will have the video and audio of the storytelling online as soon as possible following the Wednesdays special event.

Check in daily for updates on schedled chat sessions, new video and audio and Camp Internets special live reports from the 5th California Islands Symposium, taking place at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

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