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Putting Pizzazz in Poetry

Introduction: Now that we have studied various Literary Elements used in poetry, here are some questions to consider:

Essential Question:

How do literary elements contribute to meaning in poetry?

Unit Questions:

How does the use of onomatopoeia affect poetry?

How does the use of simile affect poetry?

How does the use of alliteration affect poetry?

How does the use of personification affect poetry?

Task: Working in teams of two, use the links to review what you learned about Simile, Onomatopoeia, Personification, and Alliteration as well as to identify examples of these Literary Elements. Prepare a presentation project and report back to the class. Choose one of the following formats for your presentation:


Multimedia Presentation:

Powerful Poetry (PowerPoint Show)


Powerful Poetry (Publisher Brochure)
*see teacher for sample

Web Site:

Powerful Poetry (Publisher Web Site)

Information Sources: These are links to that will help you create your presentation.


Process: Follow these steps to complete your project.

  1. Choose a format for your presentation.
  2. Complete the appropriate storyboard worksheet for your project and get approval from Mrs. Pérez.
  3. Use the links to research the necessary information for your project. Include the following:
    • The name of each of the four elements.
    • A definition for each element.
    • An explanation of the effect each element has on poetry.
    • A sample poem for each element.
    • One or more original poems using the four literary elements.
  4. Create your project using the program for your chosen format.
  5. The grade for your project will be based on the Putting Pizzazz in Poetry Rubric for your chosen format. Review it often as you work on your project.
  6. Be prepared to present your project to the class on the Due Date: TBA.

Guidance: Here are some questions to think about as you work on your project.

  1. Is each teammate doing his/her share of the work?
  2. For each literary element did you include:
    • name
    • definition
    • explanation of effect
    • sample poem
  3. Did you include one or more original poems using the four literary elements?
  4. Is the layout of your project clear?
  5. Are all words spelled correctly?
  6. Have you reviewed the rubric and compared your final project to it?

Conclusion: Discuss the following questions with your teammate after you finish the project. Be prepared to discuss them with Mrs. Pérez.

  1. What did you learn by doing this project?
  2. How has technology helped your learn more about poetry and literary elements?
  3. What will you remember longer and better about poetry and literary elements because you used technology?
  4. What more would you like to learn about poetry and literary elements?
  5. How could you investigate poetry and literary elements further?
  6. What other sources besides the Internet could you use?
  7. What did you like best about creating your project?
  8. How will this project help you in other classes?

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