GIS Links

RAIN Network's GIS Map Center

Earth Viewer

How Far is It? Calculate the distance beteen two locations

GIS Day '99 web by Kancrn - Excellent Starting Point

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources GIS Data Deli

Navajo Nation GIS Day event

Millennium Voyage
Join the crew of the Starship as they sail the world on a three-year "Millennium Voyage" sponsored by Microsoft, Olympus, Sony, Deutsche Telecom, and Stern Magazine. Internet mapping is used to show the location of the ship in real time. Shown is the ship's location as of 12 April 1999. The site is in German.

Travel Britan
Grab a cup of tea and plan your trip to the United Kingdom using live maps on the official Web site of the British Tourist Authority.

Enviromapper GIS
Provided by the EPA - a great web for looking at real GIS use today.