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Unit 2 - Reading a Map

Location, Navigation, Information & Exploration

In Unit 1 we studied Latitude & Longitude. Now we'll go continue our study of Maps by looking at how you Read a Map.

Go Here for Lesson 1 - Location

Location is one of the first things you look for with a map. "Where am I". Latitude & Longitude help establish that. But other things are important in learning to Read a Map.

Go Here for Lesson 2 - Navigation US Topography map

Navigation is one of the main things people use maps for. Finding your way from Here to There. Once again, Latitude & Longitude play a very important role. But many other things are important in learning to Read a Map as a way to Navigate from Here to There.

Go Here for Lesson 3 - Information from Maps

Information is another very important thing we get from Maps. Like the name of streets and rivers. With Topo maps we get even more information like Altitude and the Shape of the Terrain.

Go Here for Lesson 4 - Exploration and Map Reading

Now onto the real reason humans have always made maps - Exploration. As a tool for exploring and defining the unknown Maps have provided people, throughout history, with the essential guide posts for exploration.

Now that you know more about reading Maps let's explore how to make a TOPO map