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Unit 1

GIS - Geographic Information Systems - opens a vast new world of Information gathering. In some ways it represents an essential new way to visually navigate through the vast amount of information on the Internet.

Sometimes Words get to be a bit too much on the Web and we wish we could "SEE" all this information.

That is just what GIS does. It allows us to create maps, charts, graphics, all sorts of visual representations of whatever information (data) we are looking at.

First of all, though, GIS is a Geographic Mapping Tool. Especially combined with GPS.

Let's learn what some of the basic parts of mapping are, starting with latitude & longitude.

What is Longitude and Latitude?

Making your own Field Reports

GIS Quiz 1

Animated GIS Map

Finding your latitude and longitude links (these will open in new windows)

Where Are You?

List of California Latitude & Longitude by City

Geographic NameServer - find Lat/Long by City or County