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Using your ArcVoyager cd-rom

Welcome to ArcVoyager! ArcVoyager is a GIS application designed especially for use in schools. ArcVoyager is designed to introduce GIS as a tool for geographic exploration.

ArcVoyager can be used by anyone with:
- a PC running Windows 95, 98 or NT and at least 16 MB RAM
- ArcView GIS 3.1

Installing ArcVoyager

The program SETUP.EXE will install ArcVoyager. You will need approximately 45 MB free hard drive space to store the ArcVoyager data files. ArcView GIS 3.1 must be installed before you install ArcVoyager.

1. Find the ArcVoyager Setup program SETUP.EXE and double-click it to begin installation.

The file (SETUP.EXE) is located on the CD "GIS for Schools and Libraries" at

2. Follow the installation instructions given by the Setup program.

NOTE: Install ArcVoyager to :\VOYAGER. Do not install into PROGRAM FILES or any other directory with a multiple-word name (i.e., a directory with a space in the name). The application will install but will not run properly.

3. After ArcVoyager is installed, work through the introductory materials found in the directories \VOYAGER\DOCUMNTS\INTROS and \VOYAGER\DOCUMENTS\LESSONS.

Additional information and updates for ArcVoyager can be found on ESRI's web site at

The document UsingAVG.rtf contains additional information about ArcVoyager. This document is located in the directory where ArcVoyager is installed (e.g., C:\VOYAGER)

Un-installing ArcVoyager

The program UNWISE.EXE will un-install ArcVoyager. The file UNWISE.EXE is located in the directory where ArcVoyager is installed (e.g., C:\ESRI\VOYAGER).