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The Hopi

The Hopi are a pueblo people with a direct line of descendence from the First People of the Southwest. The Hopi called their ancestors, who settled in the Southwest around 0AD, the Hisatsinom (pronounced ee-SAH-tse-nom ; note : Anasazi is a Navajo word and the Navajo arrived in the Four Corners area around 1350AD)

They count the ruins in Canyon De Chelly

and other areas of the Ancient Southwest as the homes of their ancestors, and have adopted a pottery and silver jewelry design inspired by ancient pottery shards they have discovered at abandoned ruins.

Their stories tell of the migrations between different locations across the Southwest, eventually coming to live on the mesa tops of Arizona now known as the Hopi Indian Reservation. They carry on ancient traditions, many of which are in large part completely unchanged

And their annual dance cycles keep these stories alive generation after generation.

Hopi Culture

In contrast to the light buff color of the adobe walls of the pueblos, and of the rocky mesas they sit perched upon, the Hopi have a rich, colorful, and deeply spiritual artistic and ceremonial tradition. In fact, much of the art the Hopi sell to tourists and collectors is directly inspired by the religious customs they have kept alive since ancient prehistory.

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