Honoring our Ancestors--Halloween Story Tellers

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Announcing the October Storytelling Winners – this year’s Ancestor and Halloween Storytelling Project included entries from students from three countries, and added in interesting Family History interviews. We consider EVERYONE who enters a winner because each of these students is learning to master educational technologies to self-publish their work. Thanks to everyone for participating!!!

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THE AWARDS PLEASE ………. Individual winners will be sent a Mark Twain book for their classroom and groups will be sent a Zorro Video for their school !

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For the BEST ANCESTOR OBSERVANCE story, the award goes to Taiki Seto, Blessed Sacrament Parish School, San Diego. Taiki is a Japanese student visiting the United States and shares with us a very interesting description of the Bon Festival, held in August to honor the ancestors………………. Here is the story …………………. My Family Tradition ................. My ancestors have passed down many traditions in our family. Bon is a Buddhist event that starts the 13th to 15th of August to hold a memorial service for the spirits of our ancestors. We believe that the spirits of our ancestors return home at this time. We light fires at the entrances to houses so that the spirits do not lose their ways. We light lanterns inside homes. We dedicate Buddhist home altars with vegetables, fruits, and flowers as offerings. We also offer horses made of cucumbers, eggplants, and chopsticks. The ancestors are supposed to ride horses and come back home. We visit graves to clean up the graves, offering flowers, incense, and mourn for the spirits. When Bon is over, we light the fire again and the spirits go back to the heaven led by the smoke.

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For the BEST ANCESTOR / GHOST STORY, the award goes to Antonio at Elderberry School. Here is the story …………………………… I am going to write real ghost story that happened in Mexico. In Mexico there is a house that my grandparents live in. In the old days in Mexico, the people used to bury money under the ground to hide it. One day a woman buried the money on the floor of my grandparents' house to hide it. But before she could tell anyone else about the money, she died. So ever since then, the woman has haunted the house to tell the people that there is money buried in the floor......My relatives call the woman "the White Doll." She wears a white dress with a black hat. The only way that the woman will stop haunting the house is if someone takes out the money. I know if they asked me to take out the money, I would say "NO!" What do you think? Would you dig out the money if someone asked you?.......I know that this story is true because my parents have seen the ghost. Almost my whole family has seen the ghost. Many people believe this story. I write this essay to inform you that ghosts do exist.

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For the BEST COLLECTION of GHOST STORIES the award goes to Nightingale Middle School, lead by Ms Pearson and Mrs. Mason ………. Please see their many interesting entries in teh archive – including Family History interviews.

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Greetings Campers - this month we will Honor Our Ancestors, observe international ancestor observations, and for those of you so inclined - celebrate Halloween. Imagine you are around a campfire, the drums are beating, and its time for you to tell your story .................... Camp Internet Storytelling and Biography Contest: . . . . Mon, Oct 6, 10:52AM PST (-0800 GMT)
THE CHALLENGE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This is a STORYTELLING and BIOGRAPHY CONTEST .......... We invite you to submit a Biography about an interesting relative from your family's past, or a mysterious ghost story. Together, we will be sharing stories about 'Those Who Came Before'. Days of the Dead and All Saints Day stories are also welcome......... Winners of Best Biogrpahy or Best Ghost Story will be shipped a special prize for their classroom. ( this storytelling room is open for postings 6am-3pm, M-F, and can be read by viewers all month long)

: . . . . Tue, Oct 28, 8:50AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Nightingale , Ms.Pearson Per.1 Nathan Lo Standing alone in the field, I looked up and saw a strange light. Then suddenly it faded away. People say it was the beam of light from the vampires. Other people say it is the moon calling upon the werewloves. Other people just say it is their imagination, but I say it was the Light of Orion. The next day on halloween night , we saw it again but this time but this time it didnt fade away. Then I ran towards the light. I saw it, I saw the light of orion. The Light of Orion tried to destroy the moon. A crystal ball was making the light of orion. Then later the moon turned red, and then it started to fade into black. As soon as it faded I thought fast and got a stick to break the crystal ball. I took a swing, then the ball opened up. Then I still took a swing and hit the ball straight into the ocean. The crystal ball was destroyed. they found out I was a scientist. I was honored by the president of the United States. There was a day honored for me too. It was called Scientist Day. It is when everyone if off work and get to relax at home. I knew anout the Light of Orion because it happened to me, when I was a child.

: . . . . Tue, Oct 28, 8:50AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Nightingale , Ms.Pearson Per. 1 Jonathan Moreno Standing alone in the field I looked up and saw a strange light. The light was really bright it was the light of heaven, I was dead. I went forward and god told what good and bad I have done. God looked up my name, and god said that the percenteg of good and bad was that bad was greater than evil. god pulled a lever and I went straight to hell.I was on the floor and I got up. there was fire everywhere, there I saw someone standing I went toward him and it was the devil. I ran as fast as I could,and I ended up in a river filled with souls. then i turned around and it was the devil I jumped in the river. I woke up in a hospital and I was laying in bed, I looked up and saw a strange light.

: . . . . Tue, Oct 28, 9:10AM PST (-0800 GMT)
nighthingale,pearson per.1 .........DEnIsE RoSAleS STANDING ALONE IN THE FIELD I LOOKED UP AND SAW A STRANGE LIGHT...........I tried to walk to it.But the more I walked the further the light seemed.As if it was some sort of endless tunel with a bright light at the end of the tunnel.As I kept on walking I saw a shadow.I tried to scream as loud as I could so that person or shadow that I saw could hear me.As I began running everything disappeared and what appeared was just pararmedics surrounding me. I said,"What happened ?Where am I?"My mom came pushing the paramedics away with tears running down her face and hugged me and shouted out '' YOURE ALIVE''.Still wondering what had happened she said you were unconsious and on the verge of death .SO that was the strange light I saw.It was the tunel of death...................

: . . . . Tue, Oct 28, 9:16AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Nightingale Middle School, Ms. Pearson Per. 2 Maria Zheng Standing alone in the field I looked up and saw a strange light. The light was a green light-almost as if it was a glowing light. That green light danced around in the sky and I saw it slowly drifted upon the field. Then the dancing green light stopped as soon as it hit the floor of the field. I waited silently and wondered what caused the green light to dance around and drifted slowly down. Suddenly, I heard a very loud KABOOM!!! What was that? The green-glowing light was gone, but here's a round shaped looking thing. Is this a meteorite? It probably is, I told myself when all of a sudden, an opening in the "Meteorite" came out a pack of green-glowing dwarves. "Ello! Little Earthling, I bring you peace by abducting you into our planet which is called 'Mars.' Together, we'll live in peace. Prepare to be abducted!" all of them said to me. "But I can't! Go away! This is my planet! I don't want to leave!!!" I yelled at them. "But you have to! We came to the planet Earth just to find and take Earthlings to Mars so that we can be friends and live in harmony!" they responded. "NO!!!!! LEAVE ME AND MY PLANET ALONE! GO BACK TO YOUR OUTER-SPACE PLANET MARS!!!!!" I said as I ran across the field as fast as I could until the field, the "Meteorite," and the green-glowing martian dwarves were all out-of-sight!

: . . . . Tue, Oct 28, 10:57AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Nightingale middle School, Ms. Pearson Period 4, Chau Truong The sun neared the horizon, and dusk would soon be upon the world. Ahh yes, night time. When the cats start straying, when the moon is shining bright, and when crazy murderers made their moves. What better time to commit a murder than night time? Especially on Halloween. Where just for one night, you can be whoever you want to be. Think about it. Let it sink in for a while. For just one night, you can be Tinker bell from Peterpan or even Scarlet O'Hara from "Gone With The Wind". Your identity's hidden and no one knows who you are, except you. Think Halloween's just a night of mischief where kids collect candy? Think again, you're dead wrong.

: . . . . Tue, Oct 28, 11:20AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Nightingale Middle School, Mrs. Pearson Period 4 Wilma Wong It was the usual nightly routine. My usual nightly routine was always boring to me. Even though it was boring I did it anyways. My routine was to go scaring kids at night . It was funny until my friend caught me scaring him. He told me he wouldn't tell anyone unless I let him come along with me. So I let him come along. It was funny when I scared him. He had the same look in the moring. I started this routine since I was ten. Now that I am fourteen and know how to scare people more easily. I was going to tell my friend the secrets to scaring kids easliy. But I wanted to test him first. The next day I told him if you pass this test you will learn the secrets to scaring kids. He was fine with that. I told him to go through the scariest place in town. The Haunted Manison #2. We kids called it that because the first one burned down. They built another one over it. They say this old witch use to lived there, now her granddaughter lives there. Her granddaughter is old and wrinkled that is that everyone says. No one has seen her yet but they know. I told him to ask the old lady to get a tour of her house. Then he would sneak off to every room and take pictures of them. The day he would do this is Halloween. Halloween was a few days away. I told him that afternoon. He and I went to get some candy, he was dressed as a fake photographer and I a ballerina. He had a real digital camera though. I had a tied bun and had a dark pink tutu. We went up the stairs. He rang the doorbell as I made my way back to the front gate. The door opened and he went in. I heard screams all over the place. The lights flickered off and on. Then next morning i saw him again. He was acting a bit strange.

: . . . . Tue, Oct 28, 11:25AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Nightingale middle school, Ms.Pearson, period 4, Chan Hoang. Can u figure out what really happened in that house? Halloween is just another word for mischief night. You can say on Halloween eve, houses get trashed. But most people who do these childish pranks are most likely to go to jail before the age of 18. My halloween started out as a game but ended up as something much more. My friends and I were at a party playing truth and dare. When it was my turn my friend Amanda dared me to go into this haunted house on Halloween. I had to stay there for an hour. I knew everyone was afraid of that haunted house. I accepted the dare. The party continued and I wanted to have fun but all I could think about was the guy at the party. He was so cute. He was very shy. I thought even the most shyest person I ever met. The next morning I wanted to eat but I didn't have a chance when the phone rang. I picked up the phone and said," Hello." It was silence at first. All I could hear was static. I repeated," Hello " again. Then a raspy voice whispered," Don't go into that house, for you don't know the whole story." The person hung up before I had the chance to ask what he or she meant. That phone call made me think about what my friends told me about that house. The house was supposely haunted because some had died there. A couple lived there for about five years. I was told that the husband was very abusive to the wife. The neighbors could always hear them arguing. If they weren't arguing then you could hear things breaking or loud banging. Sometimes even crying. But on one rainy night the neighbors heard dead silence. The neighbors thought it was strange so she called the police. When the police arrived the house looked as if it was ransacked. Some of the husband's cloth was missing. When they went into the living room the found blood on the carpet and blood splattered all over the wall. They even found blood on the corners of one of the wife's trophe. Later lab results showed that the blood belonged to the wife. The police had no doubt that the killer was the husband. But they couldn't prove anything. He was never seen after that night. The body was never recovered either but everyone assume she was dead. The day before that tragic night the husband empty the bank account. It is Halloween and I am entering that spooky house. I couldn't really think straight because my nervousness took over. I was scared to know that I am entering a crazy killer's house. I was in the living room when I caught a movement in the corner but when I turned to look it was gone. It happened again and again. It was as if something or someone was teleporting from one place to another. But when I finally caught a glimpse of the moving object it was a white figure. I started to run but this figure was right on my trail. As I ran it got darker. It got to the point where I couldn't see my own hands in front of my face. So I accidently ran right into a wall. I guess I imagined the birds dancing around my head. When I finally got my eyes to focus the figure was right in front of me. The raspy voice reapeat," You shouldn't have come hear. I tried to warn you. You don't know the whole story. Now you must pay." It approched and I shield my face with my hands. I thought he or she would attacked me or at least kill me. The light flickered on. It took me a while to get use to the light. When I did I gasped. Can you figure out what happens next?.........

: . . . . Tue, Oct 28, 11:40AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Nightingale Middle School, Ms.Pearson, Per 4, Jorge Alberto Morales It was midnight, and a rich young fellow who lived in the mountains was passing by the cemetary with his Jaguar on his way home. As he passed the cemetary he noticed a beatiful young lady standing in front of the cemetary. When he saw her he felt love at first sight. The young lady was shivering so the fellow pulled over. He took her to his house and gave hernew clothes. She slepped over in a room all by herself and before sunrise the lady left. Everyday as the fellow passed by the cemetary on his way home he saw the young lady standing right were she was standing when he first met her. One day when the fellow didn't go to work, he woke up got dressed and went to the market. On his way back home he noticed the young lady standing infront of the cemetary and asked her out. They went out had a good night and when they got to the fellow's house they had a talk. The young lady told him that it had to stop, the only way he could see her again was if he joined her family. The man did not care he loved her so much he said, "Yes". The young lady warned him, "Are you sure". He responded, "Yes". Then he said, "I want to be with you for all eternity". She held his hands and said, "That can be arranged". Then she transformed back into her rotting mummified body and orved them to the cemetary. She took him inside and the fellow scaredly said, "How in the world did you do that, get me out of here". "I'm sorry," the young rotten mummified lady replied, then she said, "I can not do that. You said you would join my family". Then she said, "Now to meet them". In seconds out of every grave popped out a zombie. Once all the zombies popped out she said, " Now to join us", ans she turned him into a zombie himself. He screamed as loud as he could NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It was too late he was to remain with the young lady's family for all eternity. Then she told him, "No need to worry, now we will be together for ever like you wanted". And then was pulled into a grave that had his name.

: . . . . Tue, Oct 28, 0:12PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Nightingale Middle School, Ms. Pearson. P4 Arjay Orbita The sun hid behind the horizon; dusk would soon be upon the world and my appearance would soon have to be shown to public once again. Everyday I’d travel the world in search of lost souls and guide them to the Gates of the Dead. But on this one day when the sun sets, I will become visible to all as a skinless man in a robe, wielding a scythe. Some call me Grim Reaper or some call me ‘Death’ itself. Mortals are blinded and scared with what they do not understand, that is why they see me as such. I am not a skeleton, I do not wear a robe, and I do not carry a scythe. I am nothing, yet I am entity. I am not alive or dead. I am here for one purpose, and that is to guide souls to their resting place but without that purpose, I am nothing. Suppose that everyone is immortal and no one would ever die then I do not see the point of my existence. I hovered over the city of Los Angeles as I watched the sun disappear from view. So far, I have guided over 300 souls to their resting place. It makes me wonder if mortals will last long enough to see the brink of destruction of that of the Earth. Obviously, not, but it’s a minor possibility. As I was savoring the flashing lights of the city, I spotted three souls, wandering around aimlessly around. I approached them, watching them swirl around me and whisper in a hoarse, raspy voice, “I don’t want to die… I’m afraid of death…” From the sound of their voices, I could tell that they were children. Closing my eyes, I focused, feeling a surge of energy coming from within my ‘body’ I let the energy bust ad soon after, the souls stopped swirling. As I was in that state, I can analyze their identities. Their names were Asaki, Shuichi and Gary. The first two were students whilst the third was a computer hacker. Hovering up, I headed up for the Northern Sky, where the Gates of the Dead were located. The souls followed silently as I entered. “Good Day,” the Gate Keeper greeted. I replied with a curtious nod in and continued to lead the souls. I noted the foggy hallways. Foggy indeed. The large corridors were grand and vibrant. As I went through the hallway, I could feel a sense of sensation. It felt wonderful. It felt as if I was really alive. Though, no matter how many times I feel that feeling. Then it hit me. Do entities such as myself have feelings? Am I any different from mortals? Maybe… I do not hate them yet I am not too fond of them either. Why am I feeling this…? I’ve existed for a very long period, since the beginning of time. I guess it never occurred to me that I have these sort of feelings. I flew downward as Gates of the Dead disappeared from view, flashing neon lights of Los Angeles appeared before me as I continued to descend. Children were running about in the neighborhood I had arrived in, dressed in a silly attire. Plastic pumpkins and flashy lanterns where scattered everywhere. A certain mortal that I have eyed for a long while was also dressed in that absurd clothing. Knowing him for such a long time gave me the chance t learn his name. Sasuke. Suddenly the sky went black, and i red being decended from the sky. To be continued.

Bobby Martinez, Holy Trinity: . . . . Tue, Oct 28, 2:57PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Once upon a time there was a ghost named Marley. Every Halloween he would come out of his grave and go to all the houses that had Halloween parties. Every time he had two different ghosts come with him. Last year he brought Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. All three of them came to my Halloween party. We needed a person to sing for us so we selected Lou Gehrig. We told what to sing nd how to sing it. He had to rap the song “Take me out to the Ball game.” When he started I think I heard the windows break. He sounded like a broken record. We all laughed at him so he left the party and never came back. We had to find a way to get rid of Babe Ruth, now. Suddenly, we all grinned and got a great idea. We sent Babe Ruth out to find another pair of baseball cleats. He returned in an hour. We had left him a little present. It was really quiet. Then, we all popped out and made Ruth jump at least a mile. I promise, I think we all were laughing so hard we all wet ourselves. Ruth ran away and never came back. He went back to his grave. Now we only had to get rid of Marley. We knew his one weakness, chains. We had tied him to a chair with chains. He left the party, and we went back to partying.

AntonioM/Elderberry: . . . . Wed, Oct 29, 10:38AM PST (-0800 GMT)
I am going to write real ghost story that happened in Mexico. In Mexico there is a house that my grandparents live in. In the old days in Mexico, the people used to bury money under the ground to hide it. One day a woman buried the money on the floor of my grandparents' house to hide it. But before she could tell anyone else about the money, she died. So ever since then, the woman has haunted the house to tell the people that there is money buried in the floor......My relatives call the woman "the White Doll." She wears a white dress with a black hat. The only way that the woman will stop haunting the house is if someone takes out the money. I know if they asked me to take out the money, I would say "NO!" What do you think? Would you dig out the money if someone asked you?.......I know that this story is true because my parents have seen the ghost. Almost my whole family has seen the ghost. Many people believe this story. I write this essay to inform you that ghosts do exist.

ChrisL/Elderberry: . . . . Wed, Oct 29, 10:55AM PST (-0800 GMT)
One time on Halloween night there was a boy at home. He was putting his costume on and calling his friends. Then they went trick-or-treating. But one friend said he knew a shortcut to where we were heading down an alley. But before they go into the alley.......One of the friends was a vampire, another a werewolf, a Frankenstein, a LocNess monster, and I was Sleepy Hollow without the horse. Then we went down the alley, but we noticed there was a GATE and a really big COVER!.......We wnt up and knocked. There was a voice, "Password." Then one of the kids said, "Halloween Rocks" and the gate opened........They went in, but suddenly there was a bump. Then for some reason my friend started flying and another started howling. Then I took my pumpkin mask off!

EmileeB/Elderberry: . . . . Wed, Oct 29, 11:27AM PST (-0800 GMT)
One night there was an old house that people thought was haunted, but a few kids were curious. A tale was told on a full moon on Halloween. Ghosts come out to haunt you. the kids thought it was a lot of talk so they went up to the house on Halloween, but there wasn't a full moon. There wasn't anything at the house--no ghosts, goblins, witches, or evil. So they left. Thay all went home and checked their calendars; it wasn't a full moon. We all will be 12. You see, the boys are 11. They are very curious boys. they all waited and waited, but they thought it would go by fast. Well, it didn't!.......The next year passed. It was October 24, 1991. This house was never forgotten. Many people always came up to the house hoping to get a glance of a real live ghost, but it never happened. The boys' birthdays passed and they wanted to check on the house. It was seven days until Halloween, but many years ago the ghost of Bloody Mary was seen by a 12 year old and he died because she slashed his throat with a knife. His death reached him on halloween night. The boys were down by the house. They peeked in the window and a ghost was there! They left and many people have never seen the ghost, and especially not the ghost of Bloody Mary........

SophiaG/Elderberry: . . . . Wed, Oct 29, 11:58AM PST (-0800 GMT)
There once was a place called Halloween Town where everybody wasn't a person. They were real creatures and they could do magic. There was a girl named Sophie, a girl named Marney, and a boy named Dillan. They were witches and a warlock, but they didn't know it. Then their grandma comes home from Halloween town and she wants to tell them they are witches. Their mom doesn't want them to find out because they were born in the mortal world.......Their grandma can only pass through on Halloween. When they got to Halloween Town, they went to their grandma's house. There she was making a spell to get rid of the creature that was freezing everybody so he could take over the world. When their grandma said the spell it didn't work because she wasn't powerful enough. Then they all went out to ask the mayor to figure out was happening to everybody. After that Marney followed her grandma to the old movie theater. When they got there they went inside and the creature tried to freeze them. Marney's mom blocked him, and she got frozen. Then the creature got her grandma........All of the children got the recipe to make the spell and put it into the big pumpkin. When they got there they tricked the creature, and everyone who had been frozen came back alive. Then the creature's mask came off, and he was the mayor. When they got rid of him, the children and their mom asked the grandma to come over to their house on Thursday. Grandma said, "You know I can only pass through on Halloween." Then Mom said, "Then you'll just have to come live with us."

Taiki Seto, Blessed Sacrament Parish School, San Diego: . . . . Wed, Oct 29, 1:07PM PST (-0800 GMT)
The History of my Ancestor …………….. This is a story of my Great Grandfather. His name is Masao Ishii. He was born in a small village of Nagano prefecture in Japan on February 26, 1907. He was the first son of six children. His father and uncle were carpenters. After Masao graduated from elementary school, he moved in his uncle's house to have the training to become a carpenter. Because he was good at math and art he became a good carpenter. Masao moved to a big city called Takarazuka when he was 20 years old. He built houses, train stations, and schools there. He got married to Sumie and had their first daughter. They lived happily until the World War II broke out. They decided to move back to his hometown because there wasn't enough food and the U.S. air raid was becoming hard in Takarazuka. As soon as they reached a train station of their hometown, they found out that Japan had lost……………… Great Grandfather Masao was a carpenter for more than 40 years until he had a stroke at the age of 68. He passed away 15 years later. My family has a tea cabinet that my great grandfather made and my father restored it. It is our treasure.

Taiki Seto, Blessed Sacrament Parish School, San Diego: . . . . Wed, Oct 29, 1:07PM PST (-0800 GMT)
My Family Tradition ................. My ancestors have passed down many traditions in our family. Bon is a Buddhist event that starts the 13th to 15th of August to hold a memorial service for the spirits of our ancestors. We believe that the spirits of our ancestors return home at this time. We light fires at the entrances to houses so that the spirits do not lose their ways. We light lanterns inside homes. We dedicate Buddhist home altars with vegetables, fruits, and flowers as offerings. We also offer horses made of cucumbers, eggplants, and chopsticks. The ancestors are supposed to ride horses and come back home. We visit graves to clean up the graves, offering flowers, incense, and mourn for the spirits. When Bon is over, we light the fire again and the spirits go back to the heaven led by the smoke.

Bobby Martinez, Holy Trinity: . . . . Wed, Oct 29, 1:13PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Once upon a time there was a ghost named Marley. Every Halloween he would come out of his grave and go to all the houses that had Halloween parties. Every time he had two different ghosts come with him. Last year he brought Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. All three of them came to my Halloween party. We needed a person to sing for us so we selected Lou Gehrig. We told what to sing nd how to sing it. He had to rap the song "Take me out to the Ball game." When he started I think I heard the windows break. He sounded like a broken record. We all laughed at him so he left the party and never came back. We had to find a way to get rid of Babe Ruth, now. Suddenly, we all grinned and got a great idea. We sent Babe Ruth out to find another pair of baseball cleats. He returned in an hour. We had left him a little present. It was really quiet. Then, we all popped out and made Ruth jump at least a mile. I promise, I think we all were laughing so hard we all wet ourselves. Ruth ran away and never came back. He went back to his grave. Now we only had to get rid of Marley. We knew his one weakness, chains. We had tied him to a chair with chains. He left the party, and we went back to partying.

Ellen Evnaow: . . . . Wed, Oct 29, 2:01PM PST (-0800 GMT)
There once was a scary house. A very, very, scary house. This house was so scary, that nobody ever went in. Those who did go in, never came out. Now, this house was once the home of the richest man in town. People would always suck up to him; well he WAS the richest man in town. But, alas, this man was very kind and giving, and a hard-worker at that. He wasn't like Scrooge, or someone else who was mean and rich. People adored him and his house. Well, the outside at least. Even though this guy, i mean, RICH guy was kind and giving, he never let anyone in his house. He didn't even let his own MOTHER into his house. Well, this rich, kind, giving man suddenly died. Nobody knew what he died of, they just knew that he died because people never saw him after a while............ You're probably thinking, why didn't these people find out how he died by going into his house. These people respected the rich, giving, kind, dead guy so much that they still didn't go into his house, even though he couldn't stop them. .......... On Halloween night, a little, itty-bitty kid convinced everyone in the town, that they should go see what is in the very, very, scary house. So they did. The moment the townspeople opened the door to the very, very, scary house, the supposedly 'dead' guy, popped out at them and said.... "Hey Guys! I've been waiting for you to come see my redecorated house! Come on in!" Now, the townspeople asked him, "Where were you all these 10 years? We thought you were dead!" Then, the rich guy said, "I've been redecorating my house, you silly gooses!"

Danielle Uy: . . . . Wed, Oct 29, 2:06PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Lost In Transylvania .................... As every creepy story starts, once upon a time, two unthankful children were at their home complaining about every little antique thing in their home. The eldest child of the Bouque family, Pierre was wollowing about the house ordering all the servents around while Elizabeth, the youngest child at age nine, was following her brother^Ňs ways. As the two children were being pampered, Pierre bursted out to his sister, " Let us two proper children go out on an adventure!" So the two spoiled children went out to the haunted Marly's house seaching for a good thing or two to see.As they walked into the house, the old grandfather clock struck twelve. This was strange because it had only been ten o'clock two minutes before they left. "What a strange clock," Pierre said, "Emily, you better go outside and see if any one is there...................... Emily as usual did exactly what her brother said and screamed because it was dark outdoors. Both children were in a great deal of shock because once they walked out, vampires, goblins, witches, and other spooky things were walking around. Suddenly someone grabbed both of them and carried them of to a tall and dark castle. "Velcome to my castle, " said the voice. The children were startled for the room was so dark that they could not see. Pierre said something similar to "where are we" or something like that. "Vhy you are here in my home vor supper," the voice echoed. "For dinner or as dinner? " asked Emily. "Vhy ov course, vor dinner. Vhat are your vlood types?" replied what seemed to be a vampire........... Once Pierre and Emily heard this they ran like two banshees were chasing them. Up the stairs the children went lookin for an exit portal. Emily found a door and opened it, but to her surprise two skeletons popped out.They made their way to the roof and decided that the was no other choice than to jump. Pierre and Emily held hands and jumped. ^Ó Ahh!^Ô screamed Pierre as he plunged down some dark hole. The children were surprisingly awakend by Edgar thier butler. He asked what was the matter and began to pour tea. Pierre was about to boss him around when the picture of the vampire entered his mind. "Have the day off," said Pierre. Edgar thanked him and from that day on the Bouque children never acted spoiled again.

sean McKenna: . . . . Wed, Oct 29, 2:36PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Halloween Story ………………….. Once open a time there was a house on top of a hill. It was a old spooky house in the middle of nowhere. Everyone who has ever lived in it had disappeared and never heard from again. No one told the Millers. They were on a family vacation to a Arizona ranch. Then their tire popped. Mr. Miller said “What else could happen,”? Then it started to rain. The family got out of the car and started to walk down the street. They saw the old house………………. Mr. Miller said that the should go ask to use the phone. So the Millers went to knock on the door but before they could the door opened. Mr. Miller and Sean Miller went into the cob webbed house. Then the door shut and locked. Mrs. Miller and Sally where still out side. Mr. Miller went deeper into the house by himself. Then he heard his son scream. He ran back and saw his 13 year old son crying over a spider. He laughed and said “ Come on we have to find away out of here”. Two hours later they where still walking around the house. Then they ended up at the front door again. Then they heard something it was getting louder by the second. Finally they saw a green light coming from a distance. Mr. Miller covered his son. Then they heard a loud THUMP and the door flew open with the police and Mrs. Miller. Mr. Miller looked back and the light was gone………… The end

: . . . . Thu, Oct 30, 2:18PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Nightingale,Ms.Pearson,p,4, Elizabeth Ching Goodbye is not forever I know thats I'll never forget you. I won't have the heart to. I will never forgive myself for not telling you how I felt, and I'll never forget the years we've enjoyed each other. Never..... I was walking along side the river next to our town, enjoying the birds' songs that flowed through the never ending river that I was admiring. I walked on and on and finally, I had reached my destination. It was a small cave right beside the riverbed. It was my secret spot that nobody knew about. I reached the pathway thats was made of stepping stones so I could reach the cave. I expected to see what I always saw when I come here, some food in few baskets next to the cave walls, books on the ground, and a small t.v. But this time, there was something more. A girl, who looked to be the same age as I am, with long flowing golden hair. She wore a light blue somewhat dusty dress and was a little damp. I quickly ran over to her to see if she was still breathing. Luckily, I found that she was in a deep lumber, which I hoped would end soon so i could ask a few questions. So I sat there watching and waiting until she woke up. She finally stirred afew hours later and looked at the area around her curiously. She blinked in confusion. The I walked up to her and kneel down to her height. Her eyes suddenly had fear etched in them, just like anyone elses when they see and unsuspected stanger. I asked her the most common question a stranger would, " Whats your name?", I asked. She was hesitant at first but gradually smiled and answered, " I'm Hikari, and before you aked me how I got here, I fell in the river while playing. Anyways, whats your name?" She asked with curiosity in her voice. I chuckled slightly and said, "Kai", I answered her simply. And from then on, a new friendship had began, and a new love as well. Kai After that day, Kai had found out that Hikari had just moved there with her family from th country. They spent every second they could together and was hardly found apart. They became bestfriends soon after. Now four years later, they are still the best of friends. Every one in the town knew them and knew that Hikari was a very kind person. She would always help anyone shw could and would always comfort anyone who was depressed. Kai had grown to love her like a sister in those years they had spent together, screw that, he loved her. He had always planned on telling Hikari how felt about her, but never had the guts to. Even after loving her for four years still hadn't built up his courage to. And he had always thought that he was never good enough for her so that was another negative. And so...he kept it in. Tonight was Halloween. The day when little kids would dress up in costumes and go door to door for candy. Kai had always found this day amusing, but as for Hikari, she never liked it. She had told him that she never liked Halloween because she always felt that somthing bad would happen someday on Halloween. The say before, Hikari and her family had decided to visit the country and her grandparents who lived there. She would be coming back tonight, well.....at least what they all thought. Kai had waited endlessly that day. Watching the clock then back to the window of his room, waiting for his love to return. As the sun sets, and night came, the wind started to blow faster than usual. He felt something, something terribly wrong, but he just couldnt put his finger on it. so, he continued to wait, until he would be able to see her figure enter the yard. The night had soon passed byt and it was another day. The day after Halloween to be exact. But she never came back. He had waited, looking out his window endlessly. Now he knew that there was something terribly wrong. And he knew it when a policeman came by. They told him that there was an accident and that Hikari and her family had been murdered, by who, they don't know. They told him that she had wrote a note that said that they should give him her diary. They handed him a blue hardcovered book. He knew it was hers because on the outside had her name in her handwriting. As the policemen said their goodbyes, they looked at him with sympathy in their eyes one more time and drove away. He was shocked....no....the word shocked was an understatement. He walked backed to his room, his faced still with a shocked expression. That night, he had cried himself to sleep, never knowing the ghostly figure that entered his room and said one last goodbye. The next day, he didnt leave his room. He mourned for her death and wished that she was there to cheer him up. He then took a look at the diary on his bed. He slowly walked over to it, opened it and started reading. The entries were about the happy times they spent together, and how she loved being with him. Soon after, he came to the final entry that was written right on Halloween. There, he saw the very words he had wanted to hear. " Today is the day that I will tell him that I love him", was what it said. A few tears slid down his face and he whispered, " I love you too."

: . . . . Thu, Oct 30, 2:59PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Sergio Milanez,Nightingale Middle School, p.2, Ms. Pearson The Hangman It was a foggy night and i had been looking out of the window into a vast sea of darkness. "Are you ready yet ?,"asked my brother. "Coming !" I said. It was Halloween night and I was dressed up as a pirate. My brother was dressed up in his jogging sweats and sweater. We were going to the school dance. "What are you supposed to be?," I asked him. "A jogger." he said. "I couldn't find anything else to wear" He grabbed the keys to the car and told me that he would be waiting in the front. I grabbed my treat bag and went to the front yard where my brother was waiting for me in the car. I got into the car and we started the long drive down the side of the mountain where we lived. The mountains aren't huge, but the forest makes them look that way. "Man," I said."The fog is really starting to get thick." We were driving down the snakelike road when the radio station we were listening to started to break up and a man's voice came out of it and said "We inturrupt this station to warn the county that a psychotic man has escaped from the Big Bear Mental Institute." I gave my brother an uncomfortable look. The man's voice came out again with a bit more static continuing his report. "He has been charged with first degree murder for hanging people on his property at night." I was feeling uneasy by this time. Suddenly the radio broadcast was lost in static and the car gave a huge jolt and it stopped dead on the road. "I can't believe it," I kept saying to myself as I looked at the car's controls and saw that we were out of gas. "Stay in the car," said my brother. "I'm gonna jog down the road to see if I can get help. The school is less than a mile away." "You're crazy!" I said. "You think that I'm going to stay up here with the happy hangman running around!" "Look," he said, "I can get there in like 15 minutes and you would just slow me down." After thinking a lot about it, I decided that I'd stay. "And to make it safer, I'm gonna tap 3 times so that you know for sure that it's me. Just stay under the covers in the back and don't move." The second that he got out I locked the doors and got in the back, covered myself in the covers, and didn't move a muscle. Minutes felt like hours. Finally, after 2 hours, I heard tapping on the roof. Tap.Tap. I was scared but exited and waited for the 3rd tap. Tap. "There it is!" I said to myself. "There it- Tap.Tap.Tap.Tap What's this? Didn't he say that he was going to tap only 3 times? I heard the car door handle rattling. Someone was trying to get in! A few minutes passed when I forced myself to look out the window. "Ahhhh!" I screamed. There was a face of a man outside the window! As my eyes focused to the darkness outside, I saw that the man was wearing a uniform and there was a patrol car outside. I got out of the car and the officer asked me what I was doing inside the car. "Where's my brother ?" I asked. "Your brother?" he asked with a look of fear. They helped me get to the patrol car and one of them told me not to look back. I didn't listen and I turned around to look at the car. My brother's dead body was hanging from the tree we'ed parked under and his feet were swaying slowly in the wind and tapping the roof. Tap.Tap.Tap.

Marcy Montgomery, Ed Dir, Camp Internet: . . . . Thu, Oct 30, 4:12PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Good Evening Campers - we will be open tonight for any family / home postings. Please see instructions at the top of the page ..... Feel free to post a hello and tell us where you are from ... and then add a story or biography if you like ....

Paradise Home School: . . . . Thu, Oct 30, 7:20PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Goot evening ! we are a homeschool family busy carving pumpkins tonight - we learned that the tradition began with Irish families who carved turnips in Ireland, and when they came to the United States, they then started carving pumpkins. Turnips are such a hard vegetable - pumpkins would have been a relief !

Mrs. Mason: . . . . Thu, Oct 30, 8:22PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Good Evening Marcy, It is really exciting to read the student's work. I look forward to my student's posting their Scary Stories tomorrow on Halloween. We have had many exciting Halloween activities this week, Door Decorating Contest, Pumpkin Carving Contest. Tomorrow is the Halloween Dance! I hope the window will remain open for posting! Happy Halloween! Bye, Mrs. Mason

Marcy Montgomery, Ed Dir, Camp Internet: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 6:48AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Hello Campers and Happy Halloween - today we are keeping the room open for more storytelling postings to accomodate all students. We encourage more Ancestor and Multi-cultural Ancestor Honoring Tradition stories - and welcome your postings. In order to give classrooms requesting posting time today more time, we will review student work after the mid day and announce the top winners by 2pm. In our eyes, EVERYONE who posted deserves commendations for sharign their work online !

Juan Cruz@ngale22Mrs.Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 8:34AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Juan Carlos Cruz..... Per 1..... 10/29/03....... GHOSTS..... This Story is about two men that bought a house. One man had black hair and brown eyes and was very tall. The other man was short with brown hair and black eyes. The two men are in for a big surprise because of what’s in the big house. One day there were two men moving into a haunted house except one thing they didn't know it was haunted. Two days passed and the two men were eating breakfast when suddenly they heard a noise in the living room. One of the men went to see what it was and to his surprise he saw a white ghost. Before he could even move the ghost disappeared. The other man came in and asked, “ What was that noise?” The other man explained what he had seen. The man didn’t belive him and went back to finish eating breakfast. Later that night they heard another noise in the bathroom. The other man went to check in the bathroom and didn’t see anything. He turned back and the ghost quickly went and got him. Meanwhile, the man got worried and went to look for him. He couldn’t find him anywhere at the house. He saw a note in the ground that said that at midnight his friend was going to die if he can’t find him. So the man tried to find his friend. He searched everywere when suddenly a secret door opened. The man went in and to his surprise he saw his friend laying on the ground. He tried to pick him up but then he dissapeared. ‘It was a fake’ the man said. He kept walking and saw blood in the ground and he saw his friend dead. The ghost got a knife and stabbed him and the man also died. The ghost ate the dead bodies. After that the ghost disappeared from the house to get his next pray. That’s why you should always check your house, because you never know who might be there. The two men sure learned their lesson for going to a haunted house that was in the middle of no where.

Edward Gomez@ngale22 Mrs. Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 8:42AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Edward Gomez sep,26,03 period,1 REMEMBER WHEN?...An Interview.... I interviewed my Mother.... “What was you’re life like when you were 12 or 13?” My life was very happy. I was very smart and did well in school. I also liked to play a lot. “What were you’re favorite leisure-time activities?” My favorite activities were playing tag or hide-and -go -seek. “What did Students wear to school what type of music was popular?” Students wore white collar shirts and blue pants. Rock was the popular music back then. “What were some things you didn’t like about being 12 or 13?” Their was nothing I didn’t like about being 13, I liked everything. “ What tragic or memorable event happened in you rlife?” The greatest tragic event was when my mom died.

Alanna Thoong@ngale22 Mrs Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 8:57AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Alanna Thoong September 22, 2003 Period 3 Interview I am interviewing my mom Sophie. Life was fun when she was 12 years old. When she didn’t have to go to school she liked to go to the movies and read books. She had to wear uniforms when she went to school. The music that was popular was rock music. She didn’t like going to bed early. One time when she took karate class a girl punched her in the nose. You weren’t suppose to punch anyone. She failed the test. You were only supposed to almost touch them.There are no other comments. She is 49 years old.

Amy Ha@ngale22 Mrs Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 9:06AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Amy Ha........ September 22,2003....... Period 1........ Remember When.......... I Interviewed my Aunt she said it was pretty much old, nothing like this today. There was not the kind of technology that we have today such as computers, Internet etc. T.V was also newly built. The houses that we lived in was really small, sort of shack like houses. There were little rooms that we shared. All girls in one room, all boys in another room. Our food was pretty much the same everyday rice and some sort of salad and meat. Cinema was also newly produced so we kind of had an outdoor play but sort of like a movie just for entertainment , so I used to watch outdoor entertainment with some of my nearby friends. The other kids and I usually din’t go to school because we couldn't afford it so we worked and played instead. We also had little study time were we learn our A,B,C’s and reading. We also listened to a lot of Drama music but we had a outdoor hearing. It was hard to get an education because we had to pay so we worked around instead. When I was thirteen years old I had learned to ride a bike. I like life now because we get to go to school for free and eat for free, its a better way to get an education. I really like life now here in 2003. It’s really calm and very relaxing. We also get to go to school for free and we also get to eat for free. I also get to know new people and have new friends and get to hang around with my friends. You also get to meet new races that are really cool too learn about, but we also have to work hard. I also don’t have to go to work till I’m a certain age. Now there’s new technology such as computer laptops , CD players , stereos and more. I think its easier now but when we get to college it will be more difficult to handle.

Anson Lam@ngale22 Mrs Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 9:13AM PST (-0800 GMT)
“Compare and Contrast”...... Lam, Anson .... per.4..... 9.22.03 The “Remember when” interview was with my father, Tom Lam. When my father was my age, he had a totally different life style than I do. When my dadwas 13-14 years old (like me) he ditched school and and went to help out my grandmather sell crops; But me, I go to school and don’t really get to help my parents and do as my dad did at the ago of 13-14. My dad never really liked to do any activities, even though he wanted to do an activity he couldn’t. He either had to work or there was nothing to do. For me, I don’t like to do anything. Students at the time wear whatever they have to school. Now days we have uniforms. At the time there was really music popular, now hip hop and rap are popular. The age of 13-14 you can pretty much do a lot of little kids stuff, like for my father go hiking, for me I like to go out with friends and stuff. Nothing “embarrassing” ever happened to my father before. Me. Nothing because I don’t care what others think. Enjoy life when you’re still a kid, because once you’re old all you really have are your memories and you will make your life better. I myself think that too.

Candice Rodriguez@ngale22 Mrs Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 9:16AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Candice. M Rodriguez........ September,22 2003........... Interveiw.......... Monica was a very smart person when she was 13. I am at an average intelligence (even though i’m a 12 year old 8th grader). At her age of 12 she always loved studying and flirting with boys (but mostly loved flirting). I like school as well , but I love singing & dancing. When she was my age she wanted to be a cop, however I want to be a writer or a waitress. Monica always put her studies last, but I put my studies & school first. We both loved to go swiming on summer vaction, no matter what the weather was like.We also enjoyed reading “Romeo & Juliet” the classic.

Agbaja -Oyafah from the UK: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 9:20AM PST (-0800 GMT)

Charlie Lao@ngale22 Mrs Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 9:20AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Charlie Lao........ Septemper 17,03.......... Period 4.......... Interview............ In my interview I selected my grandmother to be asked about her lifetime in her adolescent age.My first question was about her life in Cambodia, her home country. What was her life when she was 12 or 13. When my grandmother was 12 or 13. She would have to work to make money to survive. She also had to take care of the family members too. Life was difficult during the year of the war and famine. Compare to her view of life my life is so different because we couldn’t work to make money but we can help the family by helping taking out the trash and maybe washing the dishes. My next question was what were your favorite past time activities? My grandmother favorite past time was just to sew cloths. Kids today at our age can’t really sew thing. Another question I asked was what did you wear to school? She would have to wear a white shirt and a blue pant or for the girls blue dresses and they would not have enough school supplies, just a small chalk board and one book. Today we would have to wear the samething for school.We have uniform just like my grandmother, but more adequate and useful supplies. My grandmother is very old now she’s 94 and can’t walk that’s why, she carries a cane to help her. She enjoyed the years when she was little but she hopes she can live for a few more years.

Christina Gonzalez@ngale22 Mrs Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 9:25AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Christina Gonzalez.... September 23,2003 ..... Per.6 ..... Remember When ....... The person who I intervied was my mom.She said that at age twelve her life was exiting.She would always play sports.Also she was a skater.At her school Nightingale everyone whore 70’s clothes, they had no uniforms back then. Back then disco was the most popular music.Her favorite was the BeeGiees. My mom did not have any problems or dislike anyone back then when she was 12. At age fifteen the most embarasing moment of her life was when she tripped and landed on her face at school. With my life and my mom’s life is so different, because of so many diffrent reasons. One is because now a days people love rap music. Me myself I love 50 cent and 2 pac. I”ve had problems with people unlike my mom. Today everyone weares jerseys and ganster style clothes. The most embarasing thing that happened to me was when the guy that I like saw me trip.

Crystal Alonso@ngale22 Mrs Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 9:28AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Crystal Alonso....... Per. 5...... September 22, 2003....... “Remember When. . .”........... I interviewed my aunt “Sonia Mercado”. She’s 34 years of age. Our lives were a little different when she was younger. I’m going to compare and contrast the differences and similarities between our lives. My aunt’s life was fun when she was 12-13 years old. So, is mine. My aunt was born in Los Angeles, California. She liked school, that’s something these days kids don’t like so much. Sonia had no worries when she was younger, many kids now a days have to watch everything they do because they’re always in trouble.

Daisy Tamayo@ngale22 Mrs Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 9:30AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Daisy Tamayo.......September 2003...... Mrs.Mason..... Remember When,......An iInterview......... The person interviewed was Hipolita Tamayo. Hipolita is my mother and is 43y ears old. She was asked 5 questions about her young life. All five questions were answered. The same answers apply to myself, Daisy Tamayo. The first question was,what was your life like as a 13 year old? Her life was pretty good because she had no problems. She was very dedicated to school and got high grades. In contrast, my life as a thrteen year old is slightly different because I wouldn’t say I have no problems. What I have found to be the same is that I am also very dedicated to school. Hipolita’s favorite leisure time activities were sewing and knitting. She would knit quilts or blankets if possible. In contrast my favorite leisure time activities are different. I like going to skateparks with my friends when I have free time.

Denise Flores@ngale22 Mrs Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 9:34AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Denise Flores.. Period 5...... Semptember 4, 2003......... Remember When......... I am interviewing my mom. She is 34 years old. I will be asking her questions. Im going to ask her 6 questions. The first questions was what was her life when you were 12 or 13 years. She said her life was playing baseball at the park, and going to church. The second questions is what was her faviorte leisure - time activies. She said her favorite leisure time activities was playing handball after school. The third questions is what did the students wear. The students wore was Jordash and Vans. The music that was popular was disco. The fourth questions is what were some things that she didn’t like about being 12 or 13. She said the things she didn’t like was looking over her brothers. The fifth questions is describe her humorous exciting,tragic,or embarrassing event. She didn’t have any embarassing, humorous, or tragic time. The sixth questions was if she had any comments you wish to add. She said no.

Elizabeth Trujillo@ngale22 Mrs Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 9:38AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Interview ...... Elizabeth Trujillo..... 10/2/03........ period 3........... The person I interveiw was my mom her name is Ramona Trujillo. My mom was born in Mexico.When she was small school back then was only up to 6th grade and when you got sick there was only one doctor in the ranch where my mom was born. They had no car their car would be the horses with a carriage. When they wanted to play marbels they didn’t have any, they had to use rocks. Their clothes to wear to school were all ripped because they didn’t have any money to buy clothes. Their shoes were made out of plastic. They had to wash their clothes in the river. They used to dream to have toys but their parents could not buy it because they didn’t have money to buy them. Once when my mom was washing clothes in the river the river had lots of water because the river was full because it rained hard. My mom went to wash clothes at the river and the river almost took her but it took all of the clothes that she was going to wash. Now they have washing machine. The famous singer back then was Las Jilguernas.

Elizabeth Chavez.@ngale22 Mrs Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 9:40AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Elizabeth Chavez..... September 18, 2003...... period 3..... Interview The person I interviewed is my mom. Her name is Norma Garcia. She was born Febuary 15, 1972. The place she was born is called Los Angeles. She told me her life was different from now. When she was 13 years old she fell in love with a man named Jose Pineda. He was so popular that when they got together all the girls use to hate my mom. She got pregnant when she was about 14 years of age. She used to do chores for her parents. She says that sometimes she bugged them alot. Her favorite Leisure time activities were to play with her friends. She also liked to do a lot of reading. She sometimes lets me use one of her books to read. She used to wear uniform to school. She came to Nightingale and she had to carry her books and used lockers. She didn’t even finish high school and started working. She hated to work. She said that she regretted leaving school. Now she works for a living and she loves her job.

Anajely Martinez@ngale22 Mrs Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 9:48AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Anajely Martinez..... Period 5...... September 18, 2003.. Remember When?......... The person that I interview was my friend Maria she’s 36. Her life was very cool, normal and relaxing. My life is very wild and extraordinary. We are in the 21st century. Her favorite activities were to watch tv, play with dolls, and be a cheerleader. Back then they didn’t have computers,and all this modern stuff. I have different activities that I do. Like playing Internet, going out with friends and playing sports. Students at that time wore uniforms, long green skirts with a white collar and shirts with a tie , long socks with shoes. I wear a uniform that is navy blue with a white shirt. Back then you have to wear uniform like right now. Maria use to go to some some school in Oakland. I go to Nightingale Middle School in Los Angeles. One time my friend Maria told me that her most embarrassing moment was at school and she fell down the stairs and fell on top of some kids. She got really embarrassed because she was one of the popular kids in school. The music that she was into and that everyone was into was rock and roll. Right now the music that is really popular is rap and hip hop. That is everything for my interview.

Marissa Amesola@ngale22 Mrs. Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 10:16AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Marissa Amesola Per.1 10/31/03 My Scary Story About 500 years ago their lived a girl name Clarissa. She lived in a nice neighborhood and had nice friends. Her life was perfect until one day there was fire in a house nearby. She tried to save some kids. After she got out she couldn`t breathe because of the fire so she just died. The next day they made a funeral for her and then her friends had a picture of her with them. They took it to the funeral because they wanted to put it into her coffin. When they were going to putinto the coffin her grandma said “No”. So they started to ask, “Why?” and she said , “The one who is next to Clarissa is going to die.” They did not believe her because they said that she was old. So they just put it into her coffin. ..... One day one of the friends had a boyfriend who worked as a doctor. The boyfriend calls her because he didn`t have a car. So she said , “OK. I`ll go pick you up.” Then he said “OK.” So she went to go pick him up and this lady told her that he had left like an hour ago with his friends. She asked the lady if she knew where he went and she said, “No, I don`t know. The girlfriend said, “OK. Thank you.” The lady said, “You’re welcome.” She started to think until finally she said, “I think I know where he is at.” So she went to go look for him at his friend`s house. She went, but he wasn`t there . So she thought that he might be already at the house, but he still wasn`t there. She waited and waited, until he finally calls her and said that he was at the hospital. because his friend got into a car crash and that they found him dead. So she started to think about what the old lady had told them and she stated to think that it was true that the old lady wasn`t lying. So she started to get scared because she knew that she was the next one that was going to die. So she said that they had to go get the picture out the coffin but they couldn`t because they already had put it there.

Alanna Thoong@ngale22 Mrs. Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 10:56AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Alanna Thoong....... Period 3....... Oct.21, 2003........... The Haunted House............. Once upon a time there were three kids going to a haunted house. When they got there they were so scared. When they went inside they were looking around. Someone tapped a little girl on the shoulder and she turned around. When she turned around she saw a mummy. She screamed so loud that she was running around in circles and she ran into a door. The other two kids came to help her. After all three kids went up the stairs and things popped out of nowhere. They couldn’t stop screaming. As they walked up to a room, there was a loud and scary noise. They didn’t know what it was. When they walked in the room they saw a dead body with a knife in the back of the body. They went a little closer and when they turned the body over around they saw that it was their mom. They were wondering who killed her. All three kids walk outside to see what all the noise was. There were rats running around all over. They looked outside the window and saw a person hanging from a tree. They ran upstairs to the room were there mom was. Then there was a loud crash and the mom came alive and chased them into the bathroom. The tub was filled with blood. A person came up from the tub and scared them. When they ran outside their parents were laughing and saying “Happy Halloween!” Two of the kids were laughing and saying that was a good trick. The youngest kid was scared and was very mad at their parents...... THE END!..

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ok hello!

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Elizabeth Chavez.. 10/ 31 / 03.... Period 3.... What Happened? .... One night it was darker than all the nights before. They were two girls in a house all alone. Their parents had gone to party for Halloween. They decided to watch T.V. In the news came out that there were two men that love to frighten girls and then kill them. The two men were in a mental Hospital, they had escaped couple of hours before. The police warned that everyone should close their windows and doors. The girls didn’t think that the men would come to their house, so they didn't close anything. They watched T.V for couple of hours. They started to hear noises like as if someone was laughing at them. They got scared then they heard footstep that got closer. They started crying and screaming. They got out of bed and started running. They fell down and hit their heads and were unconsious. When they woke up they were at their beds and on the floor the two men were dead. On the floor were two girls footprints. They weren’t their own because they were wearing shoes. ..... The End

Shealy Raudales@ngale22 Mrs. Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 11:39AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Shealy Raudales...... period 3....... 10/ 21/03....... The Little Red Purse “Oh my goodness, it’s so beautiful.” I said with a squeal. Then hugged my father, for he had bought me a little red purse. My name is Amanda and no I’m not spoiled, but I got a present, because I just graduated from middle school. “ I hope you like it, I thought you might like the red.” said my father. “It’s just fine, I’ll be home by 9: 30.” With that I walked out the door with my new red purse. Remnents of the movie I had just seen were still in my head. It was only 8:00 and it was already dark. The cool night breeze touched my skin softly. Then my neck hairs prickled up as I realized that I was being followed. My house was only 2 blocks away and across the woods. 2 minutes later I heard the footsteps louder and closer. I began to run and then faster. Soon I was only one block away. I heard a loud crash and I saw my house as I was falling and falling. Then everything went black. The next morning I awoke in the hospital. My mother and father, I could barely see through the crack in my eye. I had gotten shot on my leg. “Where is my little red purse?” I asked. Nobody seemed to hear me. The person that had shot me was never found. But then one morning I saw a reflectionof somebod. It was a young women with red hair. A second before she disappeared I noticed the little red purse. My little red purse. That night I asked my dad where he had bought the little red purse. “Well I bought it at a pawn shop, used to belong to a young women who died 2 years ago.” Did she have red hair?” I asked “ As a matter of fact I think she did.”

Zaira Fonseca@ngale22Mrs. Mason: . . . . Fri, Oct 31, 0:07PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Zaira Fonseca...... per.4.......... 10-29-2003.......... The Headless Carriage Man Once upon a time there was a carriage man that took people around with a horse. There was this one lady that told him “ I lost my dog about a week ago in the park and I was wondering if you could take me to see if I can find it there,” The man said “Ok.” They were in the park and the lady told him “would you were this scarf its getting kind of chilly,” He said “well it is kind of cold” and he put it on. All of a sudden the lady heard a bark and she said, “That’s my dog ride faster. ” They heard the dogs bark getting closer. “Faster! You hear me, faster!” The man was going as fast as he can and all of a sudden the scarf caught on a tree branch but the horse kept on going faster and faster. Then the horse turned around and the wagon was being pulled by the headless carriage man the lady was just laughing. The End........
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