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Good MOrning Campers - today is the Channel Island's groups REPORTERS WANTED project. We will provide the assignemnt below, and ask you to also refer to the historical document from the 1880s that describes the serach for the LONW WOMAN of SAN NICOLAS. Table of contents is at button and the four chapters are at button ...... button ......button ......button .....

Marcy, Camp Internet: . . . . Tue, Oct 10, 8:06AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Reporters Wanted : Lone Woman of San Nicolas Story ..................... It has been 150 years ago this year since the first rescue party went out to search for the Lone Woman of San Nicolas to rescue her from her 18 year isolation on the most remote Channel Island. But all they saw as a ghostly apparition beckoning to them. It was in 1853 that she was finally found and rescued.......................

Marcy, Camp Internet: . . . . Tue, Oct 10, 8:07AM PST (-0800 GMT)
Here is a description of her discovery that was published by an anonymous writer in a Sacramento newspaper on October 13, 1853 – the same year she was found. After reading it, write us your own 100 word short newspaper feature ( non-fiction ) on the historical events surrounding her recovery in 1853, pretend you are a writer who has learned about this amazing event and is giving your town news of what has happened............................................... “The wild woman who was found on the island of San Nicolas about 70 miles from the coast, west of Santa Barbara, is now at the latter place and is looked upon as a curiosity. It is stated she has been some 18 to 20 years alone on the island. She existed on shell fish and the fat of the seal, and dressed in the skins and feathers of wild ducks, which she sewed together with sinews of the seal. She cannot speak any known language, is good-looking and about middle age. She seems to be contented in her new home among the good people of Santa Barbara. “

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Each Camp student has a variety of resources at their disposal to learn about this legendary woman. Now combine resources – film, book, online historical accounts – to write your own 100-or-more-word news article that would have been a description of her ordeal and rescue. Publication date would be October 12th, 1853 and you are rushing to ‘scoop’ the above Sacramento writer. .......

Arrowhead Eagle Janine: . . . . Tue, Oct 10, 1:53PM PST (-0800 GMT)
It's October 12, 1853.... Lone Woman on Island A little girl from a native american tribe was left alone on an island. Her people wanted a better home than the island called San Nicholas. The reason they wanted to leave was because of the Russians called the Aleuts. The tribe had a war over otter with the Aleuts. After the battle the tribe members wanted to leave to go to a new home because no one was happy, they left the island. They had left someone behind. It was a child! Eighteen years later some men went to look for the girl. They saw footprints on the beach. They followed them. It led to a basket full of items. They knew by then that she was there somewhere or she had passed away. The men said that they would not leave the island until they had found her or her bones. They looked deeper in the woods and found fresh footprints and followed them. They knew they were close and they looked through the bushes and saw her! She had long brown hair. The men came out of the bushes. she was scared by the men and took a few steps back. She finally greeted them in a strange language. She fed them food and talked constantly. The next morning, she left the island with the men to go to California. found

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The lone woman of san Nicolas.

Arrowhead Eagle Elyse: . . . . Tue, Oct 10, 2:15PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Lost Woman Found One bright sunny day the search was on to look for the lone woman of San Nicolas. She had been stranded on San Nicolas for 18 years and a search party had gone to look for her.It was July of 1853 Captain Nivider and a fisherman named Charlie Brown went to the island. Captain Nivider saw a footprint on the ground! The next day he found a basket of rushes hanging from a tree. In it was a needle, a thread made of sinews, shellfish hooks, ornaments, and a robe of bird plumage. There were many shelters with no roofs.They also found dried meat. After weeks of hunting Nivider was determined that they would find the woman or at least her remains.They saw a woman in a low circular room. Inside was a woman. She looked about thirty or fourty years old.They thought she was a Native American. As the men drew near she backed away a few steps then greeted them in her language. As more men came she greeted them in the same way.The men spoke a different language than the girl.They helped her pack up all her belogings to take to the ship. Then they set off to the main land.

Arrowhead Eagle Ashley: . . . . Tue, Oct 10, 2:33PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Los Angeles Times, October 12,1853 The Lone Woman of San Nicholas Karana (The Lone Woman of San Nicolas)was discovered today on San Nicolas Island off the coast of California. The group of men that found her say, "We found fresh footprints,goods, shell piles, and finally,her. When we found her, she spoke to us in an unknown language. We think it was a frightened greeting and hope she isn't too scared." "Thank you, men. We are glad Karana is alive and well after being on San Nicholas Island for eighteen whole years. It must have been very lonely."

Arrowhead Eagles Griffin: . . . . Tue, Oct 10, 2:40PM PST (-0800 GMT)
The Lone woman of San Nicolas A girl named Karana was stranded on an island we call San Nicolas. She was left on the island for at least 18 years. In 1843 they went to look for her. They could not find her so a couple years later they paid two people, a fisherman and his friend named Charlie Brown. They were searching the island and saw a footprint in the sand so they knew she was alive.When they were walking and they saw a basket full with handy work tools. They turned around and saw Karana was scared because she had not seen people for 18 years. She figured out that these were the people to come and get her. They took her to their boat and sailed off to her homeland and she hopefully lived happily ever after. By Griffin Macer

Arrowhead Eagle Katarina: . . . . Tue, Oct 10, 3:04PM PST (-0800 GMT)
Octber 12 1853 The Lone Woman of San Nicholas The lone woman and her family lived on the island. They decided to leave the island because many of their people had been killed. lone woman left the ship to get her brother and the ship left without them. When her brother was killed, the lone woman is left alone on the island. The lone woman had to learn to catch fish and to hunt. She had to find a place to live where the wild dogs would not get her. The lone woman also had to find a place to keep her food where the wild dogs could not get it. The lone woman was on the island for 18 years. She was very lonely and she missed her family. Then a ship came to the island. The men saw bare footprints and then they found a basket with weaving materials. When they found the lone woman, she gives them food to eat. The lone woman was speaking a language that they did not know how to speak. Then they took her to a mission. She lived there until she died.

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