The RAIN Network will be documenting the Coastal Zone 99 conference from July 27-30. RAIN will provide conference participants and the general public with live streaming video of the conference, interactive chats and message boards, interpretive reports, and a photo gallery of the conference.

          The Coastal Zone series is the premier international symposium for coastal and ocean management. Coastal Zone 99 (CZ99), the 11th in the series of biennial international symposiums, is being held in San Diego, 24-30 July 1999. CZ99 is entitled The People, the Coast, the Ocean: Vision 2020. The conference sessions will center around four major themes: the Human Dimension, the Ocean Realm, the Watershed Perspective, and the Public Connection. CZ99 is co-chaired by NOAA's National Ocean Service, the California Coastal Commission, and Hart-Crowser, Inc. The Urban Harbors Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston serves as the conference Secretariat.

To learn more about the Coastal Zone99 Conference, take a look at the CZ99 Homepage
      Interactive Question:
"What is your ideal vision for the state of coastal and ocean areas in the next millennium? If you had the authority to direct the future of coastal and ocean areas, what is the most important action or step you would take to make your vision a reality?"