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The RAIN Network's Community Future Project
My Future / Mi Futuro

Sponsored by the California Consumer Protection Foundation, RAIN Community Internet, Visible Light, Inc. and Homeplanet.net

Technology is a very big part of the future of our Community and the future of young people in our Community.

RAIN Network's Community Future Project "My Future / Mi Futuro", works to ensure that families and young people in our community have access to technology and Internet education, training and classes which will help empower them to use Technology to build a better and more sustainable future. RAIN's Community Technology Center & Computer Lab is the hub for this project providing a place where participants can learn, explore and create.

The Community Technology Center & Computer Lab is open Monday thru Friday 9 to 5. Special weekend and evening hours for classes, Youth Technology Corps meetings and other activities make the Santa Barbara CTC a dynamic, active part of the community every day.

The Community Future Project, My Future / Mi Futuro, is designed to use technology and tools like the Internet to help weave together youth and families from the Chumash and Hispanic communities with other youth and families who have been working with RAIN's Neighborhood Technology Projects in a shared experience of using technology for education, communication and business, at the Community and Neighborhood level.

The Project makes new learning resources available to members of our community who often do not have full Internet access at home. The Community Technology project, My Future / Mi Futuro, opens up to the community a Learning Lab with computers, books. Learning resources and instructor led classes where each participant can take part, learn new skills and tools that will help with employment and education.

The Youth Technology Corps is a central part of the My Future / Mi Futuro Project. Members of the YTC learn the skills necessary to become Community Technology Mentors / Teachers, working with families and other youth. Members of the YTC become part of a real Team working on the development of web sites, community technology skills and access, and Internet training programs.

Member of each local YTC work directly with the RAIN Network staff on the development of web sites for their community or neighborhood and on the preparation of a monthly newsletter. Along with other YTC members they also provide advice and recommendations to the Community Technology Advisory Council for their Community.

The Youth Technology Corps give young people a say in bringing technology into their community as a development tool, and in this way they help shape their community's future.

If you would like to find out more about the Community Future, My Future / Mi Futuro, Project and how you can take part, send an email to rain@rain.org or stop in at the RAIN Community Technology Center and CyberStop at 1129 State Street, A-7, in Santa Barbara.

If you would like to find out more about the RAIN Network begin by reading the Network's Profile at http://www.rain.org/profile.

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