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The Camp Internet Habitat Project has taken students to many parts of the world to study Sustainable Habitats. From the exploration of Human and Animal Habitats we have learned what makes an Endangered Habitat and what permits a Sustainable Habitat.
An exciting new part of Camp Internet this year is the use Internet to link our students via real-time video to the Great Ape Habitat at the Santa Barbara Zoo, to NASA's Space Shuttle, (a Human Space Habitat), several Marine Habitats (the Channel Islands National Marine Sancutuary & the Cabrillo Aquarium) and to California Backcountry Habitats.

Now - to go beyond the Shuttle, and beyond Earth, we begin the study of Life "out there".

We will work with NASA as we study Habitat design for the Mars project and we'll look into the possibilities of life other than human, that many already be exploring space and contacting Earth.
This section of the RAIN-Habitat Project studies UFO's, evidence of encounters with Alien cultures and other elements of Space Studies and Inter-Species Communications.
Let's begin the class with Michael Lindemann's Introduction and an introduction to our Trail Guide from the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History - David Kary

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