EXPLORING FOR LIFE "OUT THERE" - an Introduction by Michael Lindemann, for the Camp Internet Habitat Project


Ever since people first began staring at the sky thousands of years ago, they have wondered if there is life "out there." Over time, many myths, legends and theories were devised to describe possible life beyond the earth. Similarly, many people have wondered if life from somewhere else could travel to our planet. Who were the "gods" and "sky people" spoken of in almost every ancient culture? What are the UFOs and "alien abductions" of today? For that matter, could lowly Martian bacteria travel to earth on a meteorite? Today, we may finally be getting close to some real and very exciting answers.

This program examines three major ways we humans are exploring for evidence of life "out there." These are:

1) Sending our spacecraft to explore other planets and stars
2) Using radio telescopes to look for signals of life
3) Examining UFOs and other "alien" evidence here on earth

Do you think there really is life "out there?" Do you think we will find it? Do you think "they" have already found us? These may turn out to be some of the most important questions of our time.

Send us your ideas and we'll add them to the Camp Internet Habitat Project database.

Thank you for participating in this Camp Internet program.

[Prepared for Camp Internet. Copyright 1997 by Michael P. Lindemann. All rights reserved in all media. Do not distribute in any form, in whole or part, without permission of the author.]

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