USDA distance learning and telemedicine Project

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Computer Hardware

The USDA RUS funding is helping to bring these new services - and brand new computers - into these under served communities. USDA support is also enabling RAIN to develop a mobile Internet van service that will be able to host small group training sessions of up to 12 participants with a large screen monitor and several hands-on individual stations. These mobile units will be visiting the rural communities, hosting regular training sessions on special themes - Health, Family Learning, E Commerce, Gardening and Agriculture.

In conjunction with the regional library system, there is the possibility of these vans also serving as bookmobiles, delivering requested reading materials to remote locations that have been requested using the online library catalog that the regional library cooperative operates through RAIN. RAIN is discussing outfitting the vans with a solar alternative energy company's power system, and is preparing to use satellite / local phone lines for the Internet delivery.