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RAIN's distance learning services are opening the schools, libraries, and communities to learning opportunities they have never before had access to. RAIN's Camp Internet project is linking students, teachers, and parents to exciting environmental science and history programs - this last year they had a chance to Explore the California Channel Islands online, and this year they also have a choice to explore the California Backcountry - all through an online computer at the school, in the library, at a community center, or at a home computer. In this program the learners can come online one to five hours a week, or on an occasional basis, and have access to in-depth learning materials - plus- they enjoy lively interactive sessions with noted scientists and agency experts who illuminate the subject matter with first hand accounts of their field work, research, and education activities.

The Camp Internet program has been honored to receive a Smithsonian Innovation Award this year, and has also received $1.09 million in funding from the California Department of Education Technology Literacy Challenge Grant program.