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Community Technology Advisory Council
Description of Duties

CTAC members will seek the input of at least six special interest groups per 6-month period, and report on their needs and interests to the Council. Special interest groups include:

Chamber of Commerce
Senior Center
Public Library
Public School
Medical clinic
Community Recreation Center
4H program
Local Historical Society
Future Farmers of America
Grange Hall
Boy and Girl Scouts
Computer Clubs

If CTAC members have a partner in their community on the Council, they will work with that person to ensure adequate representation without duplication of special interest groups.

CTAC members may at times be asked to arrange a meeting site for RAIN classes, to teach a class for their community, or to make a presentation on RAIN and the Technology Advisory Council's behalf at community meetings.

On average, CTAC members will be asked to perform one community outreach per month in the form of attending a community meeting as a speaker, making RAIN printed materials available at civic functions, sending out press releases, or other activities as approved by the Council.

During each 6-month period, CTAC members will keep a written record of their activities as a Council member, and will submit those records to RAIN on or before the seventh day following the close of the 6-month period. These reports may be used online as a means to document the Council's community services.