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Community Technology Advisory Council
Invitation Letter

Join your community's Technology Advisory Council!

You have been invited to become a member of the Community Technology Advisory Council (CTAC) for your region. The CTAC works directly with the RAIN Network to provide direct community input for the RAIN / USDA Rural Utilities Service distance learning and telemedicine grant project.

CTAC members attend a meeting once a month and provide valuable community input relating to health, education, and technology resource development. The CTAC also works closely with the RAIN Network to establish a Youth Technology Corp (YTC). Composed of students from local schools in the 5th through 12th grade, the YTC will work closely with their advisory council and RAIN to create and maintain a community website designed to inform the community of local resources and events.

This RAIN / USDA Rural Utilities Service program has two components: Telemedicine and Distance Education. The Telemedicine component provides resources for your local clinic, including equipment and training for both doctors and nurses, and relevant on-line health and wellness content. The Distance Education component provides equipment and training for one local school, public library, and after-school program to use the on-line educational content available through RAIN's Camp Internet program.

Please let your fellow CTAC members know if your interest is in community health and wellness issues and resources, community education and youth services, or in learning more about work you can do with the community history web site.

As an active participant, you will be shaping a new program for your community, using new technologies. Many new and unexpected challenges await you when you explore the role of Internet Technology and it's use as a community empowerment tool. Your commitment to serve as a CTAC member will add important skills and resources to this community technology education and telemedicine program. Serving as a CTAC member will also give you an opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills in the areas of technology and community coordination and education. Please assist us in focusing our resources where they will do the most good for your community.

If you have any questions please contact:

Ron Wright
DLT Project Coordinator, RAIN Network
Voice: (800) 889-2823
Fax: (805) 899-8698