What Are We Doing In Your Community?
Here are some examples of what the RAIN Network is doing right now in California Rural Communities:
  • "ED" (Electronic Doctor) -
    The Doctors Wireless Health Kit

    This new Electronic Doctors Wireless Health Kit includes video phone computer and diagnostic equipment in a mobile unit any Doctor or Health Professional working in the field can use.
  • The wireless, solar powered Community Internet Bus brings a mobile training lab and highspeed connectivity to rural communities. Regular "Community Wellness" training sessions are held using the mobile computer lab. Sponsored by USDA RUS, RAIN Network and Albertsons Corporation.
  • Computers and training on how to use them in each of our Rural Communities. Technology tools funded by USDA RUS and RAIN Network.
  • Community Health Kiosks at community centers, firestations and other central locations. These Wellness Kiosks give touchscreen access to Health, Nutrition and Wellness information along with access to the Internet for further information gathering.
  • GIS - Global Positioning System (GPS) units and training will be provided to members of Community Technology Advisory Councils and Youth Technology Corps in sponsored rural communities across Southern California. The GPS information gathered in each community will be used to create advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Maps that will become an essential tool for community strengthening. These maps will give community members immediate access to information about the local resources important to them. This community capacity mapping will include local resources such as water, electricity, solid waste management, clean air, education, health, and internet access stations.

    The Internet Bus -
    Technology Literacy in Rural California
    Through combined funding from USDA RUS, Albertsons Corp. and RAIN Network

  • Congresswoman Lois Capps and RAIN Director Timothy Tyndall in front of the RAIN Internet Bus at the Grand Opening.
    The RAIN/USDA Rural Utilities Service Internet Bus will be visiting a school, library or Albertsons store near you soon.

    Leave a note here if you would like to receive the schedule or request a visit by the Internet Bus.


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Community News This Month
Piru hosts Community Day with Internet Bus as a central theme.

Rancho Sespe receives computer and Internet accounts to begin Technology Proficiency classes.

Shandon hosts first CTAC Council meeting of the Year. Technology is increasing in Shandon.

New Cuyama receives RAIN Telemedicine Public Internet Kiosk this month as part of the Community Wellness Program. The Kiost, open to all community residents, is at the Fire Station.

Guadalupe Youth Technology Corps begins use of GPS units to gather information on community resources and create a basic map of the community.

Piru Community Technology Skills classes begin at High School Lab. January 23 CTAC meeting minutes






























Making 21st Century Health Care accessable in Rural Communities

Our new portable telemedicine stations are being scheduled for circulation throughout our Rural community Network.
This remarkable new tool for Rural Health Care professionals makes it possible for Doctors and Nurses in the RAIN Telemedicine Project to have, in one portable box, a complete Telemedicine Diagnostic tool kit. The portable telemedicine appliance includes a videophone, computer, diagnostic tools for use with the computer and direct access via the Network to clinics and Hospitals in the region.

Click here to find out more about Smart Medical Appliances!

Gardens in Each of our Communities!
Rural Communities Neighborhood Garden Project 2001 is comming! Join in! Start a garden this spring in your community.

Participating Schools, community centers and neighboorhood Master Technology families will have information for you